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  MMAC Pres. Newsletter Message,  October 2017

Once again, Mother Nature prevailed in washing out our annual Bill O'Donnell Milford Day Fun Fly on Sunday, October 8. We knew from the start that the weather was going to be a factor, but we went ahead anyway with the opening ceremonies only to have a steady down pour with high winds occur only minutes after we got the rocket launched and John Holcomb completed his "Come Fly with Me" introduction and flying demonstration. In all, we had 13 pilots registered. Some of the hardier souls stuck around long enough to get a few more flights in after the rain let up for a while. We even managed to conduct some buddy-box training for a few kids and adults who were present before we finally called it quits around noon. For those who stuck around, the raffle became the high light of the day. We had a great selection of prizes that included a beautifully built AT-6 donated by a former MMAC member, Allen Jennings. Also a big thanks to Joe at Creative Hobbies who donated some of the prizes we had on hand. I would also like to thank all who came out early to help get the field ready and for those who assisted with pilot registration and the selling of raffle tickets.
Moving forward, I would like to remind all members that our next meeting will be on Tuesday, October 24 th instead of the 31 st due to the conflict with Halloween. Also keep in mind that we will have election of club officers at our next meeting. The field is still wide open so if you plan to nominate someone (including yourself) for an officer position, please contact me as soon as possible at . As most everyone knows by now, I am not eligible, based on our club bylaws, to run again for an officer's position. However, I will continue to support MMAC in any way that I can.  I want to thank everyone for putting your trust in me along with the other officers to help and maintain the health and wellbeing of MMAC.
As the colder, windy and wet weather starts to limit our flying days, I hope that you have a chance to work on that next big project or even scratch build a new airplane or helicopter. I know that I have a number of projects that I hope to tackle before the next flying season arrives. In the meantime, let's take advantage of what's left of the beautiful fall weather and bore some holes in the sky. Remember, altitude and airspeed are your friends. Happy landings too!
Mickey Callahan - President
Vice President's Report
October 2017

The days are getting shorter and the strange weather patterns persist.  Bill Martin Field has become much more popular these days, and we sometimes have to wait for a pilot's station to open up before we fly.  This is a good thing, and I hope the trend continues.  Our runway is starting to show signs of raccoons and 'possums digging for grubs again. 
            Speaking of weather, I regret to report that our biggest event of the year, the Bill O'Donnell Memorial Airshow suffered greatly due to unfavorable winds and untimely rain. We did get some flying in, but we had very light audience attendance as well as pilot participation due to the rotten weather.  At least we did a good job with opening ceremonies.  I also want to thank everybody who stepped up and helped me in multiple ways to facilitate the better parts of that event.  I plan to come back at it again next year, and pray for better weather.
            On a lighter note, I was involved in one of the most amazing examples of pure luck when it came to recovering a plane that went down during pilot training.  The wind blew the plane over the woods and over the cemetery, and I lost engine power.  A search and recovery team went out and discovered the plane had landed near a headstone with no damage to the plane whatsoever.  Talk about luck!
            We've got lots more outdoor flying for the rest of the year, weather permitting and I for one am looking forward to more indoor flying at the Milford Youth Center during the cold weather months.
            R/C Buyer's Warehouse in Nashua has officially closed their doors forever.  Shed a tear one and all.
            Our next scheduled club event at Bill Martin Field will be our frozen finger fun fly on New Year's Day.  If the field is snow-covered, remember that floats work better than skis.
            Remember this is your club and your officers want to be attentive to what the general membership wants us to do in the future.  Don't be shy in contacting any of us to share ideas for new activities or to volunteer to help out whenever possible.
Keep safe and keep having fun.
Respectfully, John Holcomb, Vice President MMAC.
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Club Schedule
The next scheduled MMAC club meeting will be held at the American Legion in Millis starting at 7:30 pm October 24, 2017.

Winter Indoor Flying returns Friday, December 8 at the Milford Youth Center.

Jan 1  Frozen FInger Fun Fly


Secretary Report MMAC meeting of September 2017

Old Business
Charles River wants to replace picnic table at Bill Martin (no action yet).
We haven't heard back from CRRC about a joint effort to replace the damaged picnic table as of the June meeting.
Milford day - The weather was less than co-operative for the 2 nd year in a row. Between the rain showers (and sometimes during them) we all had fun, although the crowd was pretty small. Better luck next year.
Elections - Both Mickey and myself will be stepping down at the end of the year. Ken Bancewicz has thoughtfully volunteered to take on the secretarial position but we still need a president. Anyone can run, although Mickey has left some big shoes to fill.
Float fly held in NH by the Flying Eagles R/C club. The 3 day event was held on August 15 - 17 th . I guess it's technically not new business since its already happened. John H. attended and won yet another airplane. John gave a brief presentation at the September meeting.
Don Schipani has turned over Facebook control to Jaime McDonough. You can coordinate posting to our Facebook page through Jamie.
Winter indoor flying. As they say on "Game of Thrones", "Winter is Coming". Hopefully without an army of the undead, but only the usual New England snow, sleet, cold etc. Scotty was authorized to get our previous time slot reserved. 

New Business        

The winter banquet will be informal this year due to lack of participation last year. Most likely we will reserve a table at a restaurant (Need to agree on a date and place).
Winter indoor flying. Update from Scotty.
Elections. (With or without Russian meddling).
  Meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM

Recurring Old Business

Town of MF has vision paper online for hospital

Standing Item - Take your own trash out

Standing item - Gate policy - Open and locked is now the official policy

Standing item - Contest Directors to schedule Fun flies need more contest directors

As more and more people use the old hospital grounds 
  • good neighbor policy 

T reasurer's report for August.

Starting Balance                        $2574.45


    Total Income                            0 .00

Web Service                            $25.90
Milford Day Event                  $314.72

    Total Expenditures                 $340.62

Total checking                            $2233.83
CD                                              $2099.54

Grand total                                $4333.37

The Millis Model Aircraft Club is an AMA chartered club located southwest of Boston, MA and is dedicated to everyone's enjoyment of this exciting, fulfilling hobby. We come from all walks of life and range in age from 8 to 84. We always encourage new whether you're thinking about purchasing your first plane or a seasoned pilot looking for a new experience...   email us here to request more info about MMAC or a membership application.

The Millis Model Aircraft Club Executive Board 2017

President Mickey Callahan

Vice President John Holcomb

Secretary Mark Schultz 

Treasurer Jamie McDonough

                        A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR
  Hi Guy's;

The next scheduled MMAC club meeting will be held at the American Legion in Millis starting at 7:30pm October 24, 2017. 

Club Officer Elections will be held at this meeting. If you haven't already, send the nomination to Mickey if you'd like to nominate anyone, including yourself. 

Link for MMRC 2017 Membership Application and latest AMA membership in the Quick Links section....

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