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*** Sept 26  meeting is at American Legion ***

  MMAC Pres. Newsletter Message,  September 2017

It looks like summer is starting to fade.  I've started to see some of the maple trees in my neighborhood changing color. It's time now for pumpkins, mums, and apple cider. My neighbors have several apple trees that went gang busters this year so we have a plentiful supply of fresh cider. Not too bad with spiced rum also!!
With October just around the corner, I want to remind everyone of our annual Bill O'Donnell Milford Fun Fly Day at Plains Park on Sunday, October 8
th. John Holcomb will be our CD this year. As in past years, we'll be having a fun day of flying mixed with some demos, pilots' raffle and perhaps a few surprise events as well. As always, we draw a big public crowd. We have the club trainer aircraft ready to go to conduct buddy box flying for the young and old. Plans are to hand out little pilot wings to all the kids who participate. We'll also need numerous volunteers to help set up at the field on the morning of the fun fly. We'll schedule a pilots' meeting at around 9:45 am to ensure everyone knows the ground rules. This year, we'll be strictly enforcing the use of pilot stations and the use of spotters. The rules will also apply to all rotary aircraft. Flying outside the flight pattern will not be tolerated. Safety is first and foremost.
Our next club meeting is Tuesday, September 26 at the American Foreign Legion Hall. As usual, we'll start the meeting at 7:30 pm sharp. We'll need to discuss several important issues at this meeting. They include nomination of club officers for 2018, entertain any proposals and discussion to change the by-laws, and finalize any details pertaining to the October 8 event. We'll also need to decide if the club still wishes to have an end-of-year party sometime in late October or November.
If I don't see you at the meeting, I at least hope to see many of you at the Bill O'Donnell Milford Fun Fly. Make sure your airplanes are in top shape. Until then......enjoy the beautiful Fall weather and let's hope for blue skies and calm air. Happy landings to all.

Mickey Callahan - MMAC President
Vice President's Report
September 2017

Summer is coming to an end and the colors of autumn are beginning to show.  I hope everybody had a decent flying season so far and that you are making plans to get out and fly as much as you can for cold weather arrives.  I'm sorry that most of you missed the fantastic float plane fun fly that the Southern New Hampshire Flying Eagles Model Airplane Club put on last weekend.  They have a very large membership and they have a very well run club. They certainly made me feel very welcome and they ran out the red carpet for me.  I was the only member of MMAC that attended, and Ruane Crummet was the sole representative of CCRC to attend.  I guess everybody else felt that Greenfield New Hampshire was too far away for them.  Oh well!  The beach area was so crowded there would not have been room for any of you there anyway.
            Speaking of things that are happening in New Hampshire, I was very sad to hear of the impending end of R/C Buyers Warehouse in Nashua.  They are selling off everything at discount prices, and the discounts are increasing as their stock is diminishing.  Make it a point to go up and find some bargains. 
I am planning on attending this Saturday's South Shore Radio Control Club annual Bill O'Donnell Memorial Multi-club fly in on September 23 at their field in Bridgewater.  I hope that our club is well represented and that everybody has a good time flying and watching how the big boys do it. 
            I am still working on shoring up details for Milford Day at Plains Park in Milford on October 8.  Please continue to keep in touch with me regarding any and all assistance that you may be able to provide.  I cannot do this alone and so I need as much help as possible.
Keep safe and keep having fun.
Respectfully, John Holcomb, Vice President MMAC.
Cell 617-512-3775        E mail

Club Schedule
The next scheduled MMAC club meeting will be held at the American Legion in Millis starting at 7:30 pm Sept 26, 2017.

Oct 8  Bill O'Donnell Milford Fun Fly


Secretary Report MMAC meeting of August 2017

Old Business
Where is everybody? The club seems to have devolved into only a handful of people flying these days! The social aspect of our hobby is important, as least come out and watch if you can.
Float Fly - Mickey Callahan  ran the MMAC Float Plane Fun Fly on Saturday, August 12th at the Milford Plains park at the boat landing. Good time was had by all, lots of airplanes landed in the drink. Prizes go to Mark Carr who tried to set the canoe on fire (also me) when his ESC didn't like the water he was feeding it and Bill O'Connell who found the only dry land amidst the muck to crash his airplane on.
Charles River wants to replace picnic table at Bill Martin (no action yet).
We haven't heard back from CRRC about a joint effort to replace the damaged picnic table as of the June meeting.

New Business        

Float fly held in NH by the Flying Eagles R/C club. The 3 day event was held on August 15 - 17
th. I guess it's technically not new business since its already happened. John H. attended and won yet another airplane. I'm sure John will fill us in.
Reinbeck scale event will happen in early Sept.
Bill O. multiclub fun fly this weekend in Bridgewater.
The winter banquet will be informal this year due to lack of participation last year. Most likely we will reserve a table at a restaurant (to be named).
John Holcomb has checked with Brad Kaye regarding is continuing participation in hosting Milford Day in October. Apparently he's out but may support us with logistics.
We need help with training sessions, maybe a transmitter impound.
Don Schipani has turned over Facebook control to Jaime McDonough. You can coordinate posting to our Facebook page through Jamie.
Scotty passed out gift certificates to benefit the "Friends of Mercy Center". Certificates are redeemable at Hobbytown in West Boylston (774-261-8191). Check with Scotty for details (
I would appreciate it if members of MMAC who did not participate in the June 3 rd fun fly drop me a note at and let me know in a sentence or two why you missed the event. The executive committee would like to plan activities that appeal to as broad a spectrum of members as possible, and feedback from the membership would be one way of accomplishing that.
Meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM


Recurring Old Business

Town of MF has vision paper online for hospital

Standing Item - Take your own trash out

Standing item - Gate policy - Open and locked is now the official policy

Standing item - Contest Directors to schedule Fun flies need more contest directors

As more and more people use the old hospital grounds 
  • good neighbor policy 

T reasurer's report for August.

Starting Balance                        $2580.72

                         CRRC Field Day Reimbursement 121.32

    Total Income                             $121.32

                       Fun Fly:                                    $25.00
Web Service                            $12.95
Milford Day Event Supplies     $89.64

    Total Expenditures                   $127.59

Total checking                            $2574.45
CD                                              $2099.54

Grand total                                $4673.99

The Millis Model Aircraft Club is an AMA chartered club located southwest of Boston, MA and is dedicated to everyone's enjoyment of this exciting, fulfilling hobby. We come from all walks of life and range in age from 8 to 84. We always encourage new whether you're thinking about purchasing your first plane or a seasoned pilot looking for a new experience...   email us here to request more info about MMAC or a membership application.

The Millis Model Aircraft Club Executive Board 2017

President Mickey Callahan

Vice President John Holcomb

Secretary Mark Schultz 

Treasurer Jamie McDonough

                        A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR
  Hi Guy's;

The next scheduled MMAC club meeting will be held at the American Legion in Millis starting at 7:30pm September 26, 2017. 

Link for MMRC 2017 Membership Application and latest AMA membership in the Quick Links section....

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