Monday Morning Minute 6-08-15
?Do not worry if you have built your castles in the air. They are where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.? ~Henry David Thoreau

Good morning, 

We have arrived at the last Monday Morning Minute of the year! As I finish my seventeenth year in education, and second in Wayland, I am in awe of how much our students and teachers have accomplished! 

During my recent hike to Walden, we stopped for about ten minutes to reflect upon the past year. It was nice to hear many students reflecting upon on how much they have grown over the past year and proud of what they have accomplished. I too have had a wonderful time, meeting all of your marvelous children and getting to know them on a personal basis. I was able to travel with the sixth grade on field trips to Walden Pond, to the MFA and to roller-skating and look forward to finally seeing D.C. next year with the eighth grade. I was fortunate enough to have my own TAG and share a classroom with Ms. Hagan and the Clownfish. I wish the eighth grade the best at the high school and hope they come back and visit us next year. 

I want to the thank everyone for making this a memorable year. There were so many highlights that made this year unforgettable. The outpouring of support from the teachers, office staff, PTO and families was constant throughout the year. 

I hope that you and your families have a relaxing and fun summer break and look forward to seeing you again in the fall. 

Warm regards,


Summer Math Packets
All Grades

Dear Parents: 

Through the years many parents have asked what can be done over the summer to maintain skills and develop mathematical thinking. The Middle School math teachers have created a practice packet calendar to help your child retain his/her skills and to provide valuable practice over the summer. You should feel free to discuss the work with your child. Math discussions are an important way for students to remember and retain concepts. Students may enjoy working with peers or parents as they practice. Again, this calendar is simply an opportunity for your child to maintain skills. The calendar and answer key are on the Wayland Middle School website and can be downloaded and printed at your convenience.  Students may also do the work on online. See the Summer Math page for details. 

A few things to note: 

  • Packets are not being handed out in math classes this year.  Students interested in trying the summer math calendar should download the packet or enroll in the Summer Math class on ASSISTments (see directions on the WMS Summer Math page.
  • The summer math calendars have not been updated since our adoption of the Common Core State Standards.  This means that there may be a few problems on your grade-level packet that you actually haven't seen before.  These are great extension questions for you to try and talk about with your family.
  • Our goal is to provide a manageable way for students seeking to keep their math skills sharp over the summer by providing one problem per day.
  • Packets will not be graded.
  • There is no penalty for not doing the packet
  • Students may get help from sibling, parent, etc.
  • If a student doesn?t know how to do a certain problem, it?s OK to try it and move on to another problem.
  • It is OK to use extra paper if more space is needed to work the problems

Rebecca Poulo & Donna Sumner

Math Curriculum Co-Leaders

Pick Up Meds from Nurse
Deadline 2:00 pm on June 22.
Just a reminder that all prescription and over-the-counter medications must be picked up by 2:00 p.m. on Monday, June 22.  Your child may pick up his or her epipen and/or albuterol inhaler on your behalf. Be sure to instruct your child to stop by the school nurse before the end of the school day on Monday.  All other medications must be picked up by a parent or designated adult.

We are required to destroy all medications/devices not picked up by the deadline. Questions? Contact Nurse Marcia Nims at 508-655-6670 x1104.
Check List for Students/Parents
All Grades

  1. Locate and return overdue school library books. Pay fines.
  2. Locate and return overdue classroom library books (marked on spine with either "ELA" or the teacher's name).
  3. Locate academic textbooks so they can be turned in the week of June 15. Lose your textbook? Replacement costs can be found here. Make your check payable to Wayland Middle School and give to homeroom teacher.
  4. Check our lost & found for missing items.
  5. Pay any outstanding Food Services balances.
  6. Parents - Pick up medications from the school nurse by 2:00 p.m. on June 22.
  7. Register for the school bus before fees increase on June 22.
Upcoming Events .

ALL Grades
6/09:  MS Chorus Concert, 7:30PM
6/22: Last Day for Students, 1:10 Dismissal

Grade 6
6/10: G6 Orchestra Trip to TCW
6/12: G6 David Cluster, Trip to MFA
6/12: G6 Henry Cluster, Trip to Tower Hill
6/18: G6 Social, 2:30-4:00PM

Grade 7
6/10: G7, Cape Cod Family Night, 6PM
6/17: G7, Roller Kingdom Trip, 2 to 5PM

Grade 8
6/08: Athletic Meeting for 8th Graders & Parents at WHS, 5:30PM
6/19:  G8 Step-up Day at WHS, 12:30 - 2:00PM
6/19: G8 Kimballs Trip, 2:30 - 8:30PM
Artists of the Week
Jimmy Paugh, Leif Vassilovski, & Jay Provost
Medium: Various
In honor of the Stanley Cup Finals, this week's featured artworks display three of our sixth grade students' love of the sport.
Jimmy Paugh
(from previous emails)
6th Grade Parents
Health Physicals Due

Dear Rising 7th Grade Parent or Guardian:
As you and your child anticipate entering the seventh grade at Wayland Middle School next year, please note that the Massachusetts Department of Public Health regulations require a current physical exam with immunizations (dated within the last 12 months), be submitted to the Nurse?s office prior to the start of 7th grade.
Please send your child?s most recent physical exam to me NO LATER THAN Friday May 15th, 2015 so that I may have time to enter your child?s information into their medical record before the start of 7th grade.

If your child has an upcoming appointment for his/her physical after May 15th, please forward the documentation to me as soon as you receive it.
Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Marcia R. Nims, RN, BSN