Monday Morning Minute
December 21, 2015
Message from Assistant Principal Benzie

Good morning, 

Over the past three weeks, we have enjoyed some wonderful concerts put on by our talented students and staff. Our choruses, bands and orchestras entertained us with wonderful selections from Santana and Count Basie to my personal favorite, Dance Big'Un, Dance. Being a drummer myself, I especially loved Don't Feed the Drummers, with guest percussionist, Dan Foote. We are so fortunate to have such a dedicated music staff that draws out the innate musical ability in each student, and brings them together to collaborate and grow as ensembles.

As we enter our final week before the end of the year, I want to wish everyone a fun and relaxing winter break. Whether you are traveling far or staying close, please enjoy every moment and send your children back recharged and ready to take on 2016. 

Happy Holidays,


For Grades Six and Seven…
Learn to Code Apps – New Class Now Enrolling!

For Grades Six and Seven students, a “Level 2” CodeCampKidz class will build on computer coding skills gained in the beginning level program offered in the fall. The new series of eight classes starts on Wednesday, January 13, and continues through March 9.

Led and developed by Rian Sousa, a software developer with more than 20 years of experience, the new classes will take a “mobile first” approach and build some common templates commonly seen while surfing the web. For information about the program and to register, go to:

Thank you, PTO Cultural Enrichment Program!
Chariot of the Sun

Last week, students enjoyed a school-wide performance of a one man show on Greek Mythology. The timing of this event couldn't have been better, as our 7th grade has been studying ancient Greece in social studies, and our upcoming musical, Xanadu, is based on Greek Myths. We're grateful to the WMS PTO and it's Cultural Enrichment program for supporting our curriculum as well as engaging our community through great entertainment!
Lost & Found - Last Chance to find it...
Front Lobby: December 21 - 23

Have your child check for missing items in our Lost & Found, or come and take a look for yourself!
Unclaimed items will be donated to charity at 2:30 PM, Wednesday, December 23, as is our custom prior to each of the school vacations  (December, February, April and June).
Artist of the Week

Artist: Matthew Morris
Grade 7 
Title: "Savannah Silhouette"
Medium: Acrylic

Reminders (from previous emails)
Standards Based Assessment

You may be hearing from your math scholar about check-ins and spiral reviews. What are they talking about? Learn more  here
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events .

ALL Grades

12/24 - 1/01:  NO SCHOOL - Holiday Recess
1/18                 MLK Day - NO SCHOOL
1/22                 METCO MLK Dinner