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People are realizing that greenspace can be just as important to the overall health of a metropolis as its infrastructure. They're a way to beat back the entropy that has come to define declining cities, bringing a welcome respite from the concrete jungle. Read the story... 

An increase in the politicization of science since 1974 has led conservatives to challenge science as a credible source of information. Read the story...    

A chemistry professor is stirring controversy for claiming that popcorn packs a unique antioxidant punch. Join the debate in one of our most popular stories of the week. Read the story...  

It was a busy week as we took a galactic tour of baby stars being born, weighed in on urban sustainability and the Trayvon Martin case, and found 24 clever uses for sugar. Plus, much more in this week's roundup. Read the story...  

Ants are making their way into homes this time of year. Thankfully there are natural pest control methods to help you cope with and eliminate the problem. Plus, many of the solutions use what you already have in your cupboard. Read the story...    


Al GoreMarch 31, 1948: Albert Gore, Jr.  (at right) is born in Washington, D.C. As Al Gore, Sr. advances to a long career in the U.S. Senate, his son graduates from Harvard, serves in Vietnam, and in 1977 begins his own Congressional career. Gore chairs crucial Senate hearings on climate change in 1988, and is elected Vice President in 1992. He becomes a Nobel Laureate and crusader for climate change action and a lightning rod for criticism of same.
March 31, 1970: Canadian folksinger Joni Mitchell releases her song "Big Yellow Taxi," which decries abuse of the environment. "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot."
March 31, 2010: Declaring that "oil rigs today generally don't cause spills," U.S. President Barack Obama opens up 167 million acres of ocean off the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Alaskan Arctic coastlines to offshore oil and gas exploration. Three weeks later, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig causes the biggest spill in U.S. history.

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