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America's wolf wars are heating up, as Montana loosens its hunting rules and other states push for their first legal wolf hunts in almost 40 years. Read the story... 

Who would have thought that the humble ice cube could play such a variety of roles beyond keeping us cool? Read the story...

A graphic look at the amount of water and fuel it takes to raise animals for food vs the amount it takes to raise plants for food, plus additional environmental information, may just have you rethinking your meat consumption. Read the story...  

Gateway National Recreation Area is an expansive park that offers a peek at the wilder side of New York and New Jersey - from the plush woodlands, hundreds of animal species and even a nude beach. Read the story...

That football leads the list for boys makes sense, but the most dangerous sport for girls, one with catastrophic injuries, is unexpected. Read the story...


Walmart store frontJuly 17, 1955: The rural town of Arco, Idaho, becomes the world's first community powered by nuclear-generated electricity. An experimental reactor at the nearby National Reactor Testing Station (NRTS) powers the town for about one hour.
July 17, 1986: The LTV Corporation files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. LTV had begun as a small, Texas-based electronics firm, but through acquisitions, it grew to be the third largest steel manufacturer in the United States. Left behind in the wreckage of LTV's $4 billion debt are multiple Superfund cleanup sites, and former LTV employees whose retirement funds had been raided to try to save the company.
July 17, 2009: Wal-mart Stores, long a villain for environmentalists and labor activists, makes a major statement for sustainability in the products it sells in its 8,600 worldwide stores.

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