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On the eve of the anniversary of the BP oil spill, we look at six innovative ways experts hope will make the next oil spill less tragic. Read the story... 

The title 'administrative secretary' has seen a rise in popularity over the past two years, thanks in part to the popular 1960s-set show. Read the story...    

Green travel isn't only about the journey - it's about the destination, too. Here are 11 great picks, selected for sustainable practices, sense of place, community involvement and general ambiance. Read the story...  

The latest entry in our get-to-know the breed series: This popular pooch's resume includes police officer, family pet and TV star. Read the story...  

Sometimes our advice columnist gets some strange questions, but for this one she says it's unlikely that you'll need a ladder to harvest that sweet, spiky fruit.. Read the story...    


Old L.A. streetcarApril 9, 1947: An extremely strong tornado levels the towns of Glazer and Higgins in the Texas Panhandle, jumping the border to also partly destroy Woodward, Oklahoma. The tornado outbreak continued into the state of Kansas, killing 181 people in the three states.
April 9, 1947: Nine corporations are indicted for violating antitrust laws. Firestone, Mack Truck, GM, Standard Oil of California and others allegedly conspired to shut down streetcar lines in Los Angeles (at right) and other U.S. cities, replacing them with buses that were made or fueled with their products. A jury convicts them on one of the two charges and imposes token fines. Today, cyberspace is overrun with arguments for and against the existence of a conspiracy.
April 9, 2010: Eleven days before one of the worst oil spills in history, a BP lobbyist tells the U.S. Congress that BP's Deepwater Horizon well has earned its "categorical exclusion" from environmental review.

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