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Four out of five people who make New Year's resolutions will eventually break them. So we went interviewed a life coach to find out how we can buck that trend. Read the story... 

Zombie ants, one-eyed sharks and animals with super-powered senses are just a few of the strange animal stories of 2011. Read the story...  


Our transportation blogger is looking for a car that gets 50 mpg on the highway, and a price tag under $16,000. And it doesn't even have a hybrid. He's ready to make a deal. Read the story... 

This ancient practice is gaining popularity even as it continues to elude many. Here are some non-typical tips to get you started. Read the story... 

You can go all Mary Poppins and hire a chimney sweep (just make sure he or she is certified). Or you can stuff a newfangled balloon up there. Our advice columnist weighs in. Read the story... 


RedwoodJan. 1, 1968: Redwood National Park is established on California's northern coast. The park protects some of the world's tallest trees as well as rare species like the Northern spotted owl.
Jan. 1, 1971: Blues musician Edgar Winter releases the song "Save Our Planet," a gospel-tinged plea for the environment, as part of his new band's first album, "Edgar Winter's White Trash."
Jan. 1, 1989: The Montreal Protocol, a global treaty to restrict the use of chlorofluorocarbons and other chemicals known to damage the Earth's protective ozone layer, takes effect. Twenty-one years later, a United Nations science panel reports that damage to the ozone layer has begun to reverse itself. The panel projects that the seasonal polar "ozone holes" will cease to exist by the mid-21st century.
Jan. 1, 1991: Sweden becomes the world's first nation to enact a carbon tax. To date, the country's economy has not fallen apart.

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