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With the introduction of the freaky new imitation chicken, Beyond Meat, the sci-fi future of food is coming to bear. But can we trust food made in the lab, rather than the field? Read the story... 

As India emerges from the darkness of the largest blackout the world's ever seen, it should look for a more stable energy future not in a larger grid but in decentralized solar power. Read the story...

We can explain the phenomenon but cannot reveal the location of the pot of gold. Read the story...  

Residents of the Pacific Northwest are known for their love of coffee - so much that their coastal waters are frothy with caffeine. Read the story...  

Stealing a car isn't rocket science, but it may as well be for these aspiring master criminals, all of whom got caught. Read the story...


Elwha DamAug. 6, 1912: Running to return to the presidency as a third-party candidate, Theodore Roosevelt tells the Progressive Party Convention, "There can be no greater issue than that of conservation in this country."
Aug. 6, 1946: A year to the day after the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, General Douglas MacArthur signs an order authorizing two Japanese whaling factory fleets to aid in the economic recovery of Japan.
Aug. 6, 1983: The tanker Castillo de Bellver catches fire and sinks off Cape Town, South Africa. The ship's stern sank with its cargo of roughly 31 million gallons of oil. The bow section was towed away and deliberately sunk.
Aug. 6, 2004: An agreement between Native Americans and the federal and local governments clears the way for removal of the Elwha Dam (at right in 2010) in Washington state. The dam removal project will take years, but will open up some of the best salmon and steelhead spawning grounds in the Pacific Northwest.

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