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Our last Email Update drew great response for several items listed, especially for the forthcoming book 'Cutaway', featuring artwork by David Kimble. This Limited Edition of just 1000 signed and numbered copies will be released in October. Early indications are that it could disappear quickly so it may be wise to drop an early hint to your loved ones for Christmas!

Feel free to forward our last Email Update or click HERE to reserve a copy.

Today's featured model (seen above) is Spark's new 1/43 scale UOP Shadow DN3 as driven by Brian Redman in 3 European Grands Prix (Spain, Belgium & Monaco) after the death of Peter Revson in 1974. Just in: $60.00. Order HERE.

We will be closed this Saturday, September 3 to take an unheard of 3-day weekend off for Labor Day. But, we will have a display at Road America's VSCDA Vintage event in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin next weekend (September 9-11). Jeff or Mary will hold down the fort while I am gone. I apologize to those of you who were hoping to see us at Watkins Glen. I expect to make it back there in 2012.

Today we have information on some other great new books, a pair of Porsche 917 LeMans winners from Ixo and the latest on the 2011 LeMans DVD.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

 - Paul
Formula One at Watkins Glen
"20 Years Of The United States Grand Prix, 1961-1980" 
F1 at Watkins Glen
by Michael Argetsinger 
Foreword by Mario Andretti


'Formula One at Watkins Glen' presents a vivid and often intimate account of the 20-year period that the United States Grand Prix was held at the classic upstate New York track. Author Michael Argetsinger was a young man when his parents, Cameron and Jean, first brought Formula One to Watkins Glen, and he grew up working with racing as the family business. Now, on the 50th anniversary of F1 at the Glen, he brings us his firsthand perspective on this unforgettable era.


This richly illustrated book presents dramatic race action, arresting portraits of key drivers and team leaders, and carefully researched facts that explain the forces that brought true Grand Prix racing to Watkins Glen, as well as the reasons leading to its eventual demise. A remarkable journey awaits you in these pages.


Hardcover | 9" x 11" | 160 pages | 91 b&w and 150 color photographs



Reserve HERE

ELVA: The Cars, The People, The History
by J�nos Wimpffen
Foreword by Sir Stirling Moss

Spirited, fast, quirky, elemental, affordable, idiosyncratic, and most of all, fun-these are among the many adjectives that have been used to describe British sports and sports-racing cars of the 1950s and 1960s. The cars of Elva fulfill all these descriptions and more: simple, yet clever and competitive. 


Like many of its contemporaries, Elva began modestly, but the specials built by Frank Nichols and his crew in the south of England were soon recognized internationally for performance that often exceeded that of their peers, at a fraction of the cost. Elvas epitomized the concept of intuitive design. As one observer put it, "All that the mechanics seem to have were a set of tools consisting of a file and a hacksaw . . . not a drawing in the place. The cars just happen."


Beginning with little more than chalk lines on the floor, giant-killers emerged that caught the eyes of major players in motorsport. Porsche's mighty 908, 910, and 917 sports-racers were in part inspired by the manufacturer's association with Nichols via the Elva-Porsche. Elva also helped Bruce McLaren establish himself as a car constructor and sow the seeds of a racing dynasty by building the first McLaren-Elvas.


The history of Elva is not just about the cars. It is about the many people who created the cars, were inspired by them, and developed racing careers around them. Elva is the last significant British automobile marque of the 1950s and 1960s to have a dedicated history book. This is it. Careful research, colorful anecdotes, and a thorough narrative of Elva history are woven into renowned motorsport historian J�nos Wimpffen's definitive look at this important manufacturer.


Hardcover: 9" x 11" | 516 pages | 365 b&w and 150 color photographs



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Team Lotus in Formula 1



Team Lotus in Formula 1

Text by Harmut Lehbrink

Photography by Rainer W. Schlegelmilch

With 79 victories, Lotus is the fourth most successful marque in the history of Grand Prix racing. This 'earBOOK' documents the story of Lotus, from its inception through its rebirth in 2010. Featuring the work of renowned motorsport photographer Rainer W. Schlegelmilch, the book spectacularly Illustrates the history of Lotus.


Two companion CD-ROMs feature a 2010 Lotus Racing video documentary, the best of the Lotus Racing audio podcasts and more than 100 exclusive images.


180 pages. 150 color & 30 b&w photos



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By Dieter Landenberger PorscheSounds


The head of Porsche's archives and co-director of the Porsche Museum highlights the company's history and motorsports successes through insightful writing an vivid archival photographs. Milestone models are described in detail. The book's strong graphic design evokes the particular style of each car's era. The effect is unusually engaging and is a visual tour de force.




- 'Technology' contains the engine sounds of 30 historic race and road cars.

- 'Performance' is turbo-inspired rock.

- 'Elegance' is soothing classical music.


219 Pages - English & German Text



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IXO 917 LeMans Winners
1/43 scale LeMans winning Porsche 917's from Ixo


These handsome 1/43 die cast LeMans winners from the Ixo 'LeMans Collection Vintage' are in stock now for just $34.99 each plus shipping.



LM1970 - Porsche 917K #23 - Hermann / Attwood - 1970 LeMans Winner

Order HERE



LM1971 - Porsche 917K #22 - Marko / Van Lennep - 1971 LeMans Winner 

Order HERE

LeMans 2011 DVD Review - PAL Format Only!


2011 LeMans DVD

Unless a 'white knight' surfaces, it looks like there will not be a US NTSC version of the annual LeMans Review DVD again this year. 


Today we received word from the company that up until 2010 served as the US Distributor for the LeMans DVDs that they have decided not to purchase the rights for the 2011 edition.


On the bright side, the European (PAL) version of the classic 2011 24 Hours of LeMans will be released in a few weeks. This 4 hour(!) program will capture all the highlights of one of the greatest duels in LeMans history. 


This PAL format DVD will play on most computers or on multi-format DVD players that are PAL compatible. As we've been shouting from the rooftops for a couple of years now, these DVD players are relatively cheap ($70 - $80) and open up a whole new world of great programs that are not available in our format. We currently offer 30+ PAL titles (listed HERE) and will add more to our selection later this year. 


We are taking orders for Duke Video's PAL 'LeMans 2011' review for October delivery. 



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