October 5, 2017
Mission Presbytery Purpose Statement
We are Mission Presbytery, serving Christ in the World. In the Reformed Tradition, together we
  • Establish and equip congregations and sessions to carry out their missions;
  • Recruit, receive, ordain, develop, and care for those called to service in the church;
  • Enable mission and witness to the Gospel that congregations cannot accomplish alone; and 
  • Steward our resources faithfully and generously.

We are better together.

The Reformation!
These special events on the Reformation are open to all:

San Gabriel Presbyterian, 5404 Williams Drive, Georgetown, invites you to join them each week, now through October 29 at 9:00 AM for various Weekly Focus Points presented by different speakers. Come to any or all of these talks.

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Northwood Presbyterian, 518 Pike Place, San Antonio, will host a special Reformation Service at 4:00 PM on October 29. Flyer
2017-2019 Book of Order

Hard copies now available
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on our website

Ongoing Classes
From the SoL Center
300 Bushnell Ave
San Antonio TX 78212:

Pre-registration requested

SoL Center sponsors free and tuition-based classes year- round on the campus of University Presbyterian Church, San Antonio. Check this space for updates.
Serving Mission Presbytery
The following members of Mission Presbytery currently serve you at Synod.

Synod Representatives

CRE Joe Pat Nance -

Rev. Karen Stocks
Mission Presbytery primarily uses Constant Contact as the vehicle to provide membership and churches (you) with announcements of news, events, and updates.

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Mission Presbytery
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No personal information is included in Presbytery communications without the expressed permission of the individual.

Presbyter Ponderings
Greetings to the Saints of Mission Presbytery!

Dear ones, while things in life have never been perfect, I (and perhaps we) have never lived in a time when it has been harder, or more necessary, to do ministry and to be the church.

There was a time when people thought the church would be a safe place with nice people where nice Christians would serve. I have met some number of seminarians along the way who thought that going to seminary was basically going to be like an extended church camp, where we would all sing "Kumbayah" and get along. There was a day when churches had respect in their communities, when their preachers' sermons would be published and debated in local newspapers, when they would consulted as moral authorities on issues of the day. 

Well, as we know now, thanks to the work of Phyllis Tickle and Diana Butler Bass and Brian McLaren and others - as if we needed to consult outside sources! - that is no longer the case. As our friend Rodger Nishioka says, the church of the 21st Century has more in common with the church of the 1st Century than it does the church of the 20th Century. We can no longer "build it and they will come." Seminarians today are being told that they should expect to be "tentmakers," working only part time in most cases, and that they should plan their lives accordingly. All across the denominational board, this is the case. Continue...

Installation Invitation
You are invited to the Installation of

Rev. Kathy Escandell
as Pastor of

First Presbyterian Church
12th & Austin Streets
McAllen, Texas 78505

October 22, 2017 at 2:00 PM

Employer Agreements to BOP-Oct 13

The deadline for your church's Employer Agreements to the Board of Pension is coming up - Friday, October 13. 

Medical 24.5%
Pension 11%
Death & Disability 1%

See this publication for help. 
New Mission in Zambia

Northminster Presbyterian Church invites you to help them welcome Charles and Melissa Johnson at a presentation about their exciting new mission in Zambia. The Johnsons have established an agricultural mission in conjunction with the Presbyterian seminary in Zambia for the purpose of teach improved agricultural techniques to pastors and local farmers in order to reduce malnutrition and hunger among the Zambians. The presentation will begin at 7:00 pm on October 24, 2017 and will be preceded by a "Meet and Greet" at 6:30 pm.

Join us at Northminster Presbyterian Church, 6800 Tezel Rd, San Antonio TX.

Presbytery Meeting
October 27-28, 2017
Parkway Presbyterian- Corpus Christi

Hotel List:  Suggest you make reservations now!

Due Dates:
All Pre-Packet Information and Reports to Presbytery, due no later than  Oct 9 to officeasst@missionpby.org 

Child Care Registration due no later than  Oct 11 (in order to staff appropriately) to missionpby@missionpby.org

Commissioner Elder Registration due no later than  Oct 20 to missionpby@missionpby.org

We are getting excited about the upcoming meeting in Corpus Christi!  Two  workshops of interest are:
  • The Nearly Childless Church, led by Malinda Spencer
  • Spanglish: Do Ministry in Bilingual Settings,
    led by Marissa Galvan Valle 

All the details here

Volunteers Needed & Urgent Needs Autotexts

Rev. Ann E. Helmke sends news that the San Antonio Faith-Based Initiative now has a text messaging alert system for Social Emergencies and Critical Needs. If you and/or your congregation/ organization are interested in providing assistance and opting into this notification system: 
to 55000
Helps After Harvey:

Free Workshop: Various Dates and Sites
Tools for Building Resilience: Managing Stress in the Workplace & Beyond by Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) & FEMA
<> <> <> <> <>

Also, the Texas Psychological Association, www.TexasPsych.org is providing three free counseling session by Ph.D Psychology providers to anyone who was affected by Harvey. See "find Harvey provider finder tab" on their website. 

Give monetary donations directly to Mission Presbytery:
  • Checks directly to Mission Presbytery,
    7201 Broadway, Ste 303, San Antonio TX 78209,
    with notation 2121-50-Harvey
  • Online Giving:  All proceeds go to relief and recovery.
    Give Now