April 2017
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  • Networking and The Butterfly Effect
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Missed The Meeting? Here's a recap!

Burger anyone?  Yes, please!  Actually, I’ll take 6…

Last month over 100 Meeting Planners and Suppliers came together as the Food & Beverage team at the Westin Waltham kicked-off, or more accurately, kicked-up our monthly educational program with a “Battle of the Burgers”.  Through this fun and interactive team building exercise, not only did we get hands on experience with Attendee Engagement, the topic for the evening; but, we were also preparing the foundation for the show stopping food presentation for our networking reception.   Stepping out of the ballroom to a parade of delicious and thoughtfully made sliders was very impressive!

As the beverage running and friendly competition came to a close, Rachel Happe, Co-Founder of The Community Roundtable took the stage and spoke to us about her passion for connecting people through shared experiences.  One of the many truths imparted was that being the first follower is just as critical to the success of a movement as the person who initially had the idea.

Once again, a huge Thank You to our event sponsors The Westin Waltham, PSAV and the Fairmont Southampton for making this evening one to remember!

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MPINE Annual Volunteer Recognition Awards
Let Us Know Who Has Made a Difference! The MPI New England is pleased to announce its 2017 Spring Awards Program!
Who has made a Difference in the Meetings Industry?

Is it YOU?

Is it the person that sits next to you?

Is it your favorite client, partner or supplier?

The MPI New England Spring Awards season has arrived, are you ready to tell us who you think should win?

Here is your Call to Action!  Submit your nomination by completing the form at the link below and let your opinion be heard.  Nominees will be announced in May and Winners will be awarded live at the gala banquet on June 29th at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel.

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Please contact the President-Elect & Chair of the awards committee, Molly Hudson, CMP, CMM at molly_hudson@hms.harvard.edu with any questions.


Join Us Tonight!

Fun and Fit Chairman's Challenge Event 

Please join us once again in an MPI community-wide effort by participating in the MPI Foundation 2016-2017 Chairman’s Challenge!

This year our chapter will be at YMCA of Greater Boston, where attendees can sign up for a spin class and experience the YMCA’s facilities with their industry colleagues, participate in a fun cornhole tournament or karaoke, all in support of the MPI Foundation.
The MPI Foundation fuels the growth and advancement of MPI members by providing them professional development and career opportunities through grants and scholarships. The mission of the Foundation is to fund education and pan-industry research that drives the success of meeting professionals.

MPI New England is also raising funds/supporting the YMCA over the next 3 months leading up to our Fun and Fit Chairman’s Challenge on April 27th.  You are able to make donations on the February & March monthly meeting registration sites, as well as on-site in April. Your donations support the following programs: Families in Transition and The YMCA's Achievers Program. 
Any donation to these programs would be extremely helpful and greatly appreciated. Can't donate a monetary amount? We'll be setting up a wish list of items these programs need for people to bring with them to the event. Thank you! 

Few things are as fraught with tension, anxiety and the potential or serious miscommunication as the RFP process. For seasoned as well as beginning planners this is a must attend event. For suppliers who respond to RFPs, you'll want to attend this event as well. Join us on Wednesday, May 31 at the Misselwood at Endicott College for a panel discussion that promises to give both planners and suppliers valuable insights and practical knowledge about driving the RFP to a successful win-win conclusion. Our panel of industry experts, drawn from both the planner and suppler side, will show us how to:
  • Use your MPI membership to increase supplier/planner affinity,
  • Foster a collaborative approach in working together effectively,
  • Simplify the RFP process and make it less time consuming for both the planner and the supplier.
Molly Hudson, CMP, CMM (The Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School) will moderate our panel. PANELISTS:
Megan Connor (Sandler Training)
Patrick Sullivan (Starwood Hotels Metro Market) Melody Moore (Boston Convention Marketing Center)
Sarah Hamilton, CMP (Current, powered by GE)

Networking, Relationships and The Butterfly Effect

Making Connections Now For the Future

By Darlene Corbett, Keynote Speaker and Success Coach

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about networking? I would venture to say the answer is comprised of the following:

  • Attending social events.

  • Passing out business cards.

  • Accumulating email addresses and sending newsletters.

  • Connecting on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Joining the local Chamber of Commerce and other business organizations.

All of these components are part of the plan for furthering one’s professional aspirations and are necessary of course. How else does one begin a business or maintain it for any length of time without performing some if not all of these networking tasks? It makes perfect sense. What is often overlooked however, or perhaps, taken for granted is the importance of cultivating strong relationships. In fact, it is often tantamount to not only connect but offer something before you receive.

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April Student Member Profile

Get to know Kristen Mencucci, a Hospitality Management Major at Endicott College!

MPINE: What made you decide to pursue hospitality management?  Were you always interested in this career path?

KM: From a young age, I had a passion for planning events- I just didn’t realize it at the time. I always took particular interest in planning, designing and organizing family events with my mom. For each one of my birthday parties, I had a different theme. From there, I created a vision, which I followed through from the design of the invitations to what was included in the “treat” bags. Even then, I noticed I had a meticulous eye for detail. In addition, I enjoyed watching shows such as My Fair Wedding with David Tutera and Say Yes to the Dress. I kept telling my family “I want to plan parties”. My parents suggested I come up with an alternative plan because at the time when I was growing up event planning wasn’t a well-known career path. When I was in high school and began to research prospective careers, I discovered how fast the hospitality industry was growing. My parents were thrilled I could chase my dream. I no longer needed a back-up plan because a job as an event planner was a possible and lucrative career path.

MPINE: Have you had the opportunity to plan any events as part of your coursework?  What did you enjoy most?

KM: Last semester I took the Management of Corporate Events course at Endicott. As part of the course, we were placed in groups of three and asked to plan and execute a specific event. My group’s assignment was to plan an event that focused on the 2016 Presidential Election. The goals for the event were to provide students with an opportunity to learn about election issues and create an environment for students to demonstrate election issue knowledge. To accomplish these goals, we came up with the idea to do a mock debate and trivia game. Being college students ourselves, we knew that the only way to get students to attend was to engage them in an interactive activity. We teamed up with the Political Action Committee (PAC), another organization on campus. Two of the Political Action Committee members represented the two candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, during the mock debate. Students were challenged to test their knowledge from the debate in the trivia game that followed. From past internships, I have learned a lot about social events and weddings. My favorite part of doing this event was that I was able to step out of my comfort zone and be exposed to a type of event that I wasn’t familiar with. I also enjoyed the hands-on aspect of this course. Planning this event throughout the semester allowed me to see an event through from start to finish. It was great to see the success we had with this event after all the hard work and time we had put into it. 

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Don’t Join Something if You’re Not Going to Belong

By Joanne Dennison, CMP

In college I somewhat “accidentally” got involved in Student Activities. What I learned as I stayed involved as a student leader for the next four years and later in my first career as a college administrator, is that students who get involved stay in college and get more out of it. What I learned as I became a grown up is that this is still true.

Fortunately, I had a great mentor in my first “real job” out of college who made it clear I would join a professional association and I would volunteer and get involved. That has stayed with me as my career has evolved. Because of belonging to, I mean really belonging, I have had opportunities that have changed my life personally and professionally, that would most likely never have happened.

I was a joiner before I went to college and modeled my mother who was the undying volunteer. Going to college was different—they weren’t people I had grown up with my whole life and the idea of joining something was bordering on terrifying. What I have learned is that in my post college life it still can be—after all what if nobody talks to me? What if I don’t belong there? It’s like going to college all over again.

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New members
Laura Wong, Event Marketing Specialist at Tufts Health Plan

Kevin White, Founder & Chief Strategist at XPL

Kenny Valenzuela, Sales Manager at Equinox Golf Resort & Spa

Wim Steenbakkers, Assistant General Manager at Midcoast Hospitality

Anne Statham

Luke Smith

Barbara Scofidio, Editor of Prevue

Brehan Sage, Sales Executive at Marriott International