School Year 2017-2018| May 16, 2018

Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary School
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Catholic Identity
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all our parents who made teacher appreciation week so special. The food and the well wishes were amazing. We are blessed to be part of such a wonderful school community.

Our school Mass will be Friday, May 18 at 8:15. This is our volunteer appreciation Mass. Please try to attend and let us thank you for all you do for us!
May 25
The last day of school. Can you believe we are talking about that? We will start our last day of school with Mass at 8:15 followed by our third trimester awards ceremony. Our third trimester awards ceremony will look a little different as we do not award Principal's List or Honors Awards. Our students will be working up to the end so the teachers will still be collecting grades. Principal's List and Honors will be ready for pick up with the last report card after June 1.
A reminder that the last day will be a full day of school. Lunch will be served but there will not be after school care provided.
Summer Clinic
The University of Kentucky Communication Sciences and Disorders Clinic is again offering their Summer Clinic for students ages 3-8 who have mild to moderate articulation, phonological, and language delays. It runs 2 half-days per week for 3 weeks and costs $300 per 3-week session (some financial assistance is available).  Students will experience both group and individual activities.  If you are interested, please call Kim West at 218-0584 (U.K.) or Susie Cutshall 277-3030 (MQHR).  
Summer Tutoring
If you are interested in having your child work with a teacher over the summer, the following teachers are available. Please contact the teacher directly for more information.

Mrs. Frank~middle school math
Mr. Kennedy~middle school math, piano, guitar
Mrs. Ramsey~elementary and middle school
Mr. Meadors~elementary and middle school mornings only
Ms. Hancock~elementary

We also have summer skill practice workbooks available for students. You can order them online and have them shipped directly to you! All grade levels are available. In the primary grades, there are bilingual books available as well.

Dates to Remember
May 17 - Spring Band and Choir Concert
May 18 - Volunteer Appreciation Mass
May 19 & 20 - First Communion
May 21 - Graduation
May 25 - Last Day of School, changed to a full day of classes
“Serving God and Country: A Memorial Day Salute to Our Heroes”:    The Diocesan Cemetery, Calvary, 874 West Main Street, Lexington, will again be offering a way to honor our military through the Catholic Cemetery Conference’s national program. A Tribute Board & Prayer Box will be available under cover on the Gatehouse front veranda, from May 19th to June 3rd, 8 A.M. to 5 P.M., for visitors and Calvary families to post pictures, mementos, wishes, prayers, and/or comments for their deceased military loved ones. Please join us in honoring “Our Heroes”!  U.S. Flags are also available for you to place at Veterans’ graves at Calvary.

Any student entering the 6th grade, Kindergarten, Preschool or are new to Mary Queen are required to have a physical exam and be up-to-date on all immunizations

Vaccinations for 18-19 School Year
The state of KY is implementing new immunization regulations for ALL students next school year. Students must get the Hepatitis A vaccine, if they haven't already. It is given in two doses, six months apart. In order to be compliant for the 2018-19 school year, the first dose should be given now, in January or February. Schools cannot admit students unless they are immunized and have the new KY immunization certificate on file at the school within two weeks of the start of school. If you have any questions about this, please contact your child's physician or Margaret Jones, Program Manager, KY Immunization Program at 502-564-4478 ext. 4257 or Melissa Eastman, Adolescent Immunization Coordinator at 502-564-4478 ext. 4254
P arents A ctive W ith S chool
PAWS (Parents Active With School)

Thank you to everyone for your active participation in our PAWS group this year. All parents and teachers are members of our group. Would you like to take a more active role next year? We would love to have you join us. Please contact Colleen Bellas or Carrie Issacs for more information.

More PAWS info: visit  PAWS  website & The  PAW Print  Blog (meeting notes are posted)
It’s time to start planning for the 2018 Fall Festival!
Want to be a part of the Fall Festival Committee and become a chair to help make decisions? 
Contact Melissa Sloan and start to help now for the 2018 Festival! or 859-351-2439
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