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The rewarding feeling of providing assistance as a foster home during the transition period of our rescues is always needed.

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MRC and San Diego Humane Society joined together at Kearney Mesa Subaru for a wonderful adoption event, we had a great turnout with almost a dozen dogs finding forever homes.

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New Furever Homes of our recently adopted..

Jillian and Family

Jody with Jerry and Shirlee.

Reagan is in heaven

Sophia Ann it can't get much better than this.

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April 2014
Letter from the Board

Can you believe Easter has passed and summer is around the corner?  The year has been flying by and we have been busy.  Since September 2013 Maltese Rescue California has rescued 154 dogs and placed into furever homes 116 dogs.  
Only with our amazing volunteers and dedicated veterinarian teams has this tremendous work been possible.  These last few months we have rescued a few high needs dogs that needed advanced medical procedures. Below you will see the stories behind these dogs and also see some wonderful success stories.  

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Special needs at MRC
At 13 weeks had a history of falling when walking. The shelter thought he was blind and had a central nervous problems. MRC vetted Theo and in a few days he was at his foster home, where concerns of his behavior of acting very disoriented and walking into walls, through water bowls with his eye closed.  CT scan was preformed on Theo and was diagnosed with liver shunt disorder.  The shunt is causing blood flow to the liver to be bypassed.  Resulting in toxins in his blood causing brain disorientation, vision problems and disequilibrium  Surgery was performed on April 16th to close the congenital liver shunt.  A person might question whether we should proceed with such an expensive surgery for Theo.  Medical reports show that greater than 50% of patients with liver shunts can be surgically closed and minimal complications are achieved on dogs less than 2 years old.  We felt it is worth the financial cost to give this special puppy a second chance to a normal life..Theo Link

Snow White
was a referral from LA County Downey.  This 4-year old Maltese was surrendered by her owner to the shelter on 3/20/14 with obvious orthopedic problems in both rear legs.  We picked her up on 3/27/14 and took her to our vet at Cypress Animal Hospital.  Our vet, Dr. Swindall described Snow White's rear legs as thin, with muscle atrophy, both hips are dislocated, and her patellas are a grade III. Snow White does not have a normal gait due these defects.   Snow White had an orthopedic consultation with Dr. Barrett.   Dr. Barrett recommended that surgery should be done on all 4 joints at once.  Snow White had her surgery on April 16th to have her patellas repaired as well as bilateral FHOs.  Her surgery went very well.  She will be hospitalized at Cypress Animal Hospital for a week and then discharged to foster care.   Both Dr. Swindall and Dr. Barrett feel that this surgery will allow Snow White to have a better quality life and be adopted.    
came to us as a referral from Inland Valley Humane Society.  The shelter identified her need for corrective surgery of her patellas.  Maddie, 2 years of age was surrendered to the shelter by her owner.   We accepted Maddie and took her to Cypress Animal Hospital.  A consultation was held with Dr. Barrett.  Both Dr. Swindall and Dr. Barrett recommended that Maddie have corrective knee surgery as her patellas were very unstable and hindering her ability to walk and be adopted.
Maddie had her surgery on April 16th, she is re cooperating at Cypress Animal Hospital then moving to her foster home.

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