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December 12, 2016

Message from Principal Gavron

“Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive.  And then go and do that.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”                                                                                                                                ~ Howard Thurman

In this season of giving thanks, I feel compelled to share my gratefulness for Wayland Middle School’s amazing staff, who dedicate their life’s work to helping WMS students “come alive” and discover their passions. In addition to their top-notch teaching, so many add to their day by running extracurricular offerings.  “Get involved in our community,” was penned by teachers into the WMS Mission Statement, and to that end, WMS extra-curricular activities have become a place where many students find themselves.  Our staff draws out students, nurtures competence and builds confidence.  There truly is something for everyone – and if it isn’t there, one only needs to find an open-minded teacher to start a club.  

Through lunch time clubs students develop skills, build relationships, and raise awareness in places like Juggling Club, Rubik’s Cube Club, Unicycle Club, Cribbage Club, Community Service Club, and GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance).  Our lunch offerings provide an alternative to the hustle and bustle of the cafeteria.  After school activities can be equally fulfilling. For example, students build rockets and launch them in the Rocket Club.  Open Art Studio provides time for in-depth personalized artistic creations.  Many a drawer spends hours in Anime club. Yearbook Photographers snap pictures while Science Olympians and the Math Team members solve problems and overcome challenges.  Those with a penchant for journalism find the Newspaper Club the place to be–or perhaps the Literary Magazine is more his or her style.  Care to dabble in programming? If so, then Computer Club in the upper lab is the place to go.  Music options are robust as Select Chorus, Honors Chamber Orchestra, Jazz Lab and Jazz Band provide a before and after school home away from home for our most dedicated musicians.  Did I mention the multitude of students who participate in our school musical?  This year’s Steve Murray creation Pom Pom Zombies, directed by Tom Large, promises to be a spectacular spring show.  Members of the STAR – Sound, Tech and Recording - Club will be sure to capture the musical in all of its glory.  If athletics are for your student, then our interscholastic or intramurals programs provide an important outlet, thanks to our dedicated coaches.  So many students start the day in AM Wellness – shooting hoops or climbing the rock wall.  Our PM Wellness highlighted basketball, football and soccer this fall.  Don’t forget homework club for a little extra structured academic support in a social environment.  

Don’t just take it from me, however.  Hear what student participants themselves have to say about getting involved.  Here is a smattering of sentiments from just a few of our club members:

AM & PM Wellness:
 “You get your energy out, get fit, and get better. “ 

 “We come to PM Wellness because we can do activities and sports that we are not able to play at home and we get to play them with our friends. We like playing soccer at PM Wellness!”
Chess Club:
“It is a nice place to socialize and have fun with your friends. You get to take a break from work, put your mind on something else, and have fun playing chess.”

Chinese Club:
“We make Chinese figurines like balloon Pikachus.  We watched a documentary about pandas. We did a lion dance. We played games and learned about Chinese painting from the exchange students. We can’t wait to do the ribbon dance. We like this club.”

Cribbage Club:
“Cribbage club is fun – very fun.  Everyone has a chance, even if he is not an expert. It secretly reinforces your math skills”

“GSA makes our school feel more safe and welcoming.” 
“It is great to be with teachers we know also believe what we do, and support people who need it.”
 “My favorite activity was ‘No Name Calling Week,’ because I felt as if we were really doing something important.”

Interscholastic Sports:
“When you are on a team you feel like a family.  It is fun to play against different schools.” 

Lego Robotics:
“What I like about Lego Robotics is that there are tons of groups working on their own thing, but we share ideas like how to make a robot’s legs move better or do a certain task.”
Literary Magazine:
“Have something to share with the world? Scream it in public and hope you make it into the national news. Have something to share with the school? Submit your writing to the OPUS magazine, where we showcase all the writing talents of students from the WMS. Issues go out yearly in one neat magazine-ed bundle of paper.

“Math team exposes kids early to math competition.  I like the sense of competition.” 

Mettlesome Makers:
“I love the club because you can do anything. You can build, tinker and create.  You get to solve engineering problems.”

“Pom-Pom Zombies is really fun. It is a great way to be involved with 6th – 8th graders. It’s a great way to get to know your peers.”

Rocket Club:
“I like how even if you don’t have rockets you can be involved in the club.  You can help chase rockets or build rockets.”  

“Rocket club is explosively fun.”

School NewspaperThe Orange and Black
“Do you love to write? Do you ever wish that you had more time for creative writing? Do you ever want to force, I mean share, your opinion with others? Do you dream of your work being held in eager hands for all to enjoy? If you said yes to any of these questions, then Newspaper Club is for you! It’s a quiet space where you can write whatever you want, no rubric necessary.”

Unicycle Club:
“The first day Mr. Longnecker teaches you. The rest of the days you unicycle in the hall.  It’s really fun!”

The level of commitment required to reach every one of our 641 students is extraordinary.  I am truly grateful for the time, energy, and talent that our faculty brings to Wayland Middle School every single day in their quest to reach all.  Not all students have discovered what piques their interest yet.  If your child is still searching, I urge you to encourage your child to dabble in a range of activities.  Cajole them to try out a club, explore a talent, or engage in a creative project.  Know that it is never too late to join a club. If you need us to partner with you in orchestrating a personal invitation to an extra-curricular event or help session, contact a counselor, a house leader, or a teacher to reach out to your child. A passion developed in middle school may become a lifelong career, a treasured hobby, or a merely a happy memory.  The gift is the ensuing journey.  Like the greater world, our Wayland and Boston communities need students who have “come alive” and discovered their inner passions.


Betsy Gavron
Message from Assistant Principal Benzie

Good morning,

Recently, the entire middle school has been getting into the spirit of giving. Sixth graders participated in a community service can drive. The seventh grade participated in their annual Holiday Helpers, baking pies and making dinners and this past  Friday, the eighth  graders held their Community Service Day.

It is wonderful to see the whole school coming together to benefit their community in such a positive way. Seeing students and teachers working together is a heartwarming sight. By the end of the Community Service Day,  our school community made over 250 sandwiches for the Salvation Army, donated 10 Crock-Pot meals to Parmenter, made bookmarks, decorated cookies, made brownie pies, played BINGO with Wayland senior citizens, wrote letters to soldiers, made bracelets and Origami boxes, colored beautiful pictures, created winter scenes, murals and decorated doors throughout the 8th grade area! 

Thank you to all of our students, teachers, parents and the PTO for all of their hard work and help in pulling off a season of giving at Wayland Middle School.

Warm wishes,
What's Happening at WMS?
Chinese  Food Festival!
December 14th from 2:00 - 4:00 PM
Our annual Chinese Food Festival is taking place on  Wednesday, 12/14, in the WMS cafeteria.  Impeccably organized displays of foods from all over China will be offered up for tasting followed by a performance by our very own middle school 7th and 8th grade students. Students have worked diligently on coming up with recipes, videotaping their cooking process explaining in Chinese, and finally presenting the finished dishes. They are well on their way on becoming experts on the Chinese cuisine.  All community members are invited to participate at 2:00 PM.
Come one, come all! 
7th & 8th Grade Chorus and HS Chorus Concert!
Wednesday, December 14th at 7:00 at WMS
See these groups perform:  Middle School 7th and 8th Grade Chorus,  The Middle School Select Chorus,  High School Chorus,  Wayland High School Honors Concert Choir!
All are Welcome!
Solar Arrays Dedicated
December 5, 2016
Town of Wayland officials and Ameresco, Inc. (NYSE: AMRC), a leading energy efficiency and renewable energy company, hosted an event on Friday, December 2, at the Wayland High School to dedicate the Town’s four recently completed solar facilities.  The solar canopies at the Middle School, along with those at the High School, Town Building and DPW,  are expected to generate enough electricity to offset roughly twenty five percent of the town’s municipal electric needs and generate a financial savings of over $100,000 per year for Wayland. Read more HERE.  
Reminders From the Office
Morning Drop-off in Winter and Inclement Weather
It's very important that parents who drop their student(s) by car use the overflow lot in the morning and afternoon. During the inclement weather this morning, Rt 27 was backed up to Pequot Road! We need everyone's help to keep the traffic on Main Street moving. Please click here for Traffic Procedures. Thank you!
Early Dismissals
To keep our students safe and staff informed, please let us know of an early dismissal at the beginning of the school day. If you need to have your child dismissed from  school early, please:

  1. Send a dismissal note to school with your  child.
  2. Instruct your child to bring the note to the  office upon arriving to       school.
  3. Your child will be given a dismissal pass to  show to his/her               teacher at their dismissal time
  4. At the indicated time, your child will come to  the office to check-       out and then meet you  outside.

With this process, there is no need  for you to come into the office to sign your  child out, as we have your signature on the note!  


My School Anywhere

Be sure to register for the new, online directory at MySchoolAnywhere.com.  This directory will replace the traditional printed version, but directory information will now be parent-driven.  It is an OPT-IN system, and you MUST register to be included.  For directions on how to register, or for additional FAQs, please visit http://waylandpto.org/myschoolanywhere-online-districtwide-family-directory/

Gift Your Child

It’s not too late to Gift Your Child.  Please consider the Wayland Middle School PTO for year-end giving.  100% of your donation is tax deductible and eligible for matching gift donations.  The PTO has now raised almost 80% of our $15,000 fundraising goal for this year.  As we head into our grant process, please help us reach our goal!  Donate today after registering at MySchoolAnywhere (the new online directory) or at http://waylandpto.org/middle-school-pto/donations-and-purchases/.  You can also mail a check (made out to “Wayland PTO”) to Wayland Middle School PTO, 201 Main Street, Wayland, MA 01778.  The suggested donation is $100 per middle school student.  Tax thank-you letters will be mailed out to donors in January.  Visit the WMS PTO on Facebook to see some of last year’s grants in action around school.

AmazonSmile - FREE MONEY for Our Schools!!

Do you shop on Amazon?  Did you know that you can earn money for our schools for free?  When you shop at Smile.Amazon.Com, Amazon donates .5% back to the charity of your choice.  Visit: https://smile.amazon.com/ch/20-0141838 today, choose “Wayland Public Schools Parent Teacher Organization, Inc.” as your designated charity, and then start shopping at Smile.Amazon.Com, where you’ll find the exact same shopping experience as on Amazon.com, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price on all eligible items to the PTO! 

Upcoming Events

Middle & More Coffees

Please mark your calendar for two Middle & More dates in January – Wayland School District Budget Presentation and Discussion with Ms. Gavron and School Committee member, Barb Fletcher (Thursday, January 5th, 9:00-10:00 am), and Math, Science, World Languages & the Placement Process (Thursday, January 12th, 8:45-9:45 am).  Please contact Amy Simmons (simmons221@comcast.net) if you have any questions.  You can find the entire year’s schedule of parent coffees at: http://waylandpto.org/middle-school-pto/middle-and-more-coffees/

Artist: Ann Tom
Grade: 6
Medium: colored pencil, acrylic, found object 
All Grades
12/14: MS/HS Chorus Concert @ WHS 7:30 PM
12/20: MS/HS Orchestra Concert @ WHS 7:30 PM
12/23: Holiday recess begins @ 2:20
           CUB (Catch Up & Breathe) weekend: 12/23
1/5: PTO Middle & More: School Budget @ 9:00 - 10:00 AM Library
1/12: PTO Middle & More: Placement for Math, Science & World              Language @ 8:45 - 9:45 AM Library
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