Welcome to The Family!

Pastor Ulysses Stephen King, Jr., Mrs. Tiffany, and the Memorial Tabernacle Family welcome you to the family.  We invite you to become a member of a family of believers God is using to "reach to teach, teach to change" one person and one block at a time.   We pray you will choose to attend the reunion to receive the love God has given us to give to you specifically!   #Galatians610  #HarvestTime  #HolySpiritRestatMTC

Our Mission...
The Memorial Tabernacle Church has come together by the Holy Spirit for the specific purpose of preaching and teaching the word of God, (the Bible), and about Jesus Christ, God's son, and to proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom of God to the North Oakland Community and its environs; to bring healing to the brokenhearted and deliverance to the oppressed.
Notes From Sunday's Sermon
"MAN OVERBOARD!" ( Acts 27:31)

Life is not fair. You will have problems, difficulties, and hurts that will make you better or bitter. You will either grow up or give up. Either you'll become who God wants you to be or your heart will become hard. You have to decide how you are going to respond to the tough times in your life. How will you handle it?

Humanly speaking, all hope of being saved was gone. Therefore, Paul instruc ted all the passengers not to fear, but to have good courage. Now, let them listen to the good news Paul had for them. An angel of God had appeared to Paul in the night, assuring him that all the passengers would be saved from the ravages of this storm. This was because God was protecting Paul, who must stand before Caesar. It was because of Paul that his shipmates as well would survive the storm. No life would be lost, but only the ship, which would run aground on some island. Paul's shipmates should be encouraged by Paul's faith in God, trusting that what God had promised, He would do.

When you go through those difficult times, what happens to you is not nearly as important as what happens in you. That's what you take into eternity - not the circumstances but your character. Yes, we will be saved, even on the broken pieces of our lives (v. 44). -- USK

Because of Christ,
Pastor Ulysses Stephen King, Jr.

92nd Anniversary Gift
Thank you so much to those who were able to support the ministry of Memorial Tabernacle Church financially during the 92nd anniversary celebration. If you were not able to do so, please consider doing so today. 

We ask members, families, friends, and supporters to give an annual anniversary contribution of $300 or what you can.   There are several ways to securely give: 
  • Online at http://mtchurch.org/contributions.shtml. Select Offering type '92nd Anniversary Offering'. 
  • Mail your offering to: Memorial Tabernacle Church, PO Box 3024, Oakland, CA 94609.
  • Drop-off your contribution at the administrative office located at 514 - 58th Street, Oakland, CA.
We ask because your support is needed. We thank you in advance! 
Great YGG Meetup Sunday! 
Participants in the September 24th meet-up received an opportunity to learn more about YGG and carbon footprint while completing activities and exercises to reduce their carbon footprint going forward. Engaging discussion, demonstrations of oral and written presentations, and leadership development - all skills displayed today and will help sustain the future of YGG!  Unfortunately, the Urban Remedy representative could not attend, but we look forward to them participating in the future. Save-the-date for the October15th Meet-up at 3 p.m.! 
Happenings at Memorial Tabernacle Church

God is doing new and exciting things as we embrace and impact the North Oakland Community! Upcoming gathering opportunities are exciting! Get connected and get plugged in! 

View our church's online calendar here.  Need to know what is going on at Memorial Tabernacle? You will find it here!

New To Memorial? 

First, welcome!  We pray your experience was one where you saw God is first, front, and center in our worship, bible study, and prayer services!

Secondly, we pray you will experience Christ with us again, but in the meantime, let us know what questions you may have. Connect with us via our Memorial Tabernacle Connection form at https://goo.gl/forms/nbFBE34eGw8JsAVf1.  If you have questions, email  admin@memorialtabernacle.org.

Lastly, we invite you to find your place to grow at Memorial Tabernacle Church. You are always welcome. Invite someone to participate with you next time! 
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Tues, September 26, 2017
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