July 2017

  Catalysts For pro·ac·tive Companies

Sono-T ek Corporation and MTEC worked together to make a commitment towards         lean manufacturing. Watch HERE to see this process in action!             

Purchasing can make or break a manufacturer. The behavior of the purchasing department signals a company's true goals to its supply chain. Purchasing cultures that are out of line with overarching company culture inevitably cause long-term problems.  Read more about culture, strategy, and supply chain management

American factories powered up in June at the fastest pace in nearly three years, with robust advances in production, orders and employment that indicate a firming in the economy.  Read more about manufacturing growth

Small and mid-sized manufacturers must have a continuous pipeline of new sales in order to thrive and grow. In comparison to the past, your target audience now has more control over the sales process. Developing a robust marketing program is crucial to increasing sales and sustaining growth. 
Read more about marketing actions

Due to high-profile breaches like those of Target and Yahoo!, one popular misconception is that small companies are less susceptible to cyber attacks. However, they are actually more vulnerable due to not having the right software or tools for protection Read more about how to protect your company from cyber attacks

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MTEC's mission is to make sure manufacturing remains a viable and thriving industry in the Hudson Valley. As part of our Food & Beverage Initiative, we introduce ourselves to Hudson Valley's finest food and beverage manufacturers. 

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Upcoming Events

Date & Time:
Monday July 31st - Friday August 4th, 9:00am - 4:30pm
Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center at SUNY New Paltz
Hosted By:
Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center

The Summer Institute is a ground-breaking, applications -oriented workshop that will give professionals the understanding to apply the universe of 3D printing technologies/materials to an endless variety of uses.

Deadline to apply is July 31st
Click here to apply

Date & Time: 
(3) 2-day workshops from 8:00am - 5:00pm
August 3rd-4th, September 14th-15th, October 12th-13th
Click here for more information about workshops
Upstate MIND, a Medical Innovation and Novel Discovery Center
841 E. Fayette St.  Syracuse, NY
Hosted By: 
Upstate MIND, a Medical Innovation and Novel Discovery Center & CNY Biotech Accelerator 

The workshops are designed for anyone interested in medical device product and service commercialization. Hear from experts and:
  • Learn how medical devices are designed, regulated, and marketed
  • Gain insights into intellectual property and licensing
  • Learn how to develop a business plan and pitch presentation 
  • Learn about all the valuable resources available to emerging medical device companies.
Click here to register

Date & Time: 
Friday, November 17th, 8:00am - 5:00pm
Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel & Conference Center
Hosted by:
Syracuse University CASE, NYS Science+Technology Law Center at Syracuse University College of Law, TDO Solutions for Manufacturing & Technology, and CNY Biotech Accelerator

Meet and learn from top-notch business leaders and industry experts.  The dynamic full-day program boasts two world-class keynotes in Dr. David Warner and Hod Lipson; and delivers educational workshops in three concurrent tracks; Law & Commercialization, Manufacturing, and Biotech Innovation .

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