May 6th
1. Shrimp Fest is HERE!
DON'T FORGET to buy a quesadilla from the youth booth on the corner of 6th and Centre today!! They are YUMMY!

2. SUNDAY: No Taizé Worship in May: There is no Taizé worship tonight. Taizé will resume its normal schedule on the first Sunday of each month, on June 3rd at 6:00PM at Trinity United Methodist Church (715 Ash Street).

3. While Wednesday
Dinners are on Hiatus, Help the Sandwich Ministry Wednesday dinners and classes are on summer hiatus! Our sandwich ministry offers a portable dinner to anyone who wants one each Wednesday at 5:00PM while our Wednesday dinners are on hiatus for the summer. Volunteers and monetary donations are in need for this important ministry. Please contact Pastor Drew to help!

  Just Three Things is a quick highlight of three things you can do to serve, learn, study, or grow with Memorial this week. For more information, look for our detailed E-News in your inbox every Friday morning, visit our website
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