April 2018
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Mitel Bulk User Provisioning
By Rafael Magallan, Sr. ConvergeAssure® Engineer
T he “BUP” is a tool that allows administrators to import a comma separated value (.CSV) file and LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF) file of entries into the MiCollab user and services database. For purposes of this article only the .CSV file will be discussed.

When done correctly, Bulk User Provisioning saves hours on building system users and their devices. If you do not carefully plan for license allocation and devices the advantages of Bulk User Provisioning will be severely hindered. It is important to note....
Meet CCC

Carly has been with CCC for more than 4 years now and has been involved in many aspects of the organization. She began her time here as a Customer Care Advocate, created the new role of Renewal Specialist, and eventually gravitated back to operations, where she enjoys being a Customer Care Advocate. Although, that is her official title, she has gone above and beyond acting as a Jr. Project Manager while also handling her responsibilities as a customer care representative.

Carly has earned a B.S. in Business Management from Elmhurst College and is currently working hard at obtaining a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

It sounds like Carly doesn't get much spare time, but when she does she spends it reading, volunteering, playing basketball or video games, listening to music, podcasts, enjoys comedy shows, Anime, writing, concerts, traveling, exercising, dancing and takes an interest in philosophy.

Carly Bosco
Customer Care Advocate

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CCC Family Photos
Oh, the fun we have....
What happens when a CCC employee brings his adorable baby daughter to visit the office?

Productivity decreases by about 5,000%
You know you're working at a real IT firm when the Data Solutions Architect has a binary clock on his desk!
MUTT of the MONTH!

Glued to the computer, Quinn is obviously a dog from one of CCC's own.

He was rescued from Houston after being transferred to Beloit, Wisconsin, and now has a good life with his loving family.

Quinn likes to run while Danny longboards, sunbathes at every chance, and is very kid friendly.

Quinn does have bad anxiety when someone leaves, but apparently is not at all camera shy.
Want your pooch featured as Mutt of the Month?
Click the link below to email their picture to (mcurelo@ccc1.com). Be sure to include, name, age, breed, three fun facts about your four legged friend, and the city you live in.
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Customer Corner
Apex Material Handling
A Trusted CCC Partner For Many Years!

Apex Material Handling has been helping customers in the Chicago metro area select the right material handling equipment to maximize their operational efficiency for over two decades. We select the right partners to provide products that are reliable and back it up with service and parts to keep those products operating at maximum productivity.
Our approach is relationship oriented. This allows us to get to know our customers and their operations better in order to make recommendations that make sense, based on the operation and the products available at the time, and what might be available in the future.
Whether it’s forklifts, racking, conveyors, mezzanines, portable office space or lighting, our goal is always the same, to maximize our customer’s throughput while minimizing costs. And we have specialists for each area, allowing us to make suggestions based on the industry’s current technologies and products.

The way we operate is best summed up in our company’s values:
  1. Integrity…Always do the ethical thing.
  2. Respect…Treat others with respect.
  3. People…Always push yourself to be better. Hire the finest people and give them the opportunity to make good business decisions. Be entrepreneurial.
  4. Accountability…Be accountable for your own actions.
  5. Teamwork…Surround ourselves with good people and we will become a better company!
  6. Customer Service…It’s NOT a department, it’s a “Way of Life.”
  7. Proactive…Be proactive vs. reactive with our customers. We need to help reduce your costs while increasing your productivity and safety.
  8. Customers…Exceed customer expectations. If we don’t, our competition will.
  9. Service, Service, Service…Always put the customer first. If we take care of our customers, they will take care of us.
  10. Communication…Always communicate with customers and team members.

To learn more about Apex and its family of companies, please visit www.apex-cos.com.
Thank You for Your Service!
Cell Phones for Soldiers

CCC Technologies, as a company, and as individuals which make up our family here, enjoy the freedom and rights that our great country provide us. We are extremely grateful to all of those who presently serve and have served to protect our way of life and make it possible for us to live as we do. After all, it is truly them, and their sacrifices, not the Country itself, that provide this for us.

CCC has several proud veterans within our organization whom are well respected and appreciated for what they have done for us. Though we thank them, and honor them with a national holiday, there truly is no way to fully express the gratitude for what they have done for our country.

The brave soldiers who currently serve in a time of great uncertainty continue to stand up for who we are and what we have. Again, a simple "thank you" doesn't seem to cover what they do, and I'm not sure there is anything that can ever sufficiently fulfill the appreciation that is due to them.

We are proud to announce that CCC is a "Cell Phone for Soldiers" drop off site, and who takes cell phone donations from anyone who wants to help a soldier. Though we can never say thanks enough, we can help them wherever possible.

CCC wants to extend a special thanks to our customer partner, Queen Bee Public School District 16 who have recently expressed their gratitude by donating a fleet of phones through us for this great cause.
Anyone can drop off a cellphone donation at:
CCC Technologies, 185 Hansen Ct. Suite 100 Wood Dale, IL 60191
Proudly Partnered With...
Avaya Production Software Protection Program
Communication Manager Messaging (CMM)
Important Notice
Avaya has stopped using a specific piece of embedded software contained within certain product versions. Therefore, effective May 31, 2018, Avaya will no longer distribute patches or specific versions of certain legacy products.

CCC customers that still have any questions or concerns can always contact us for help.
This Month's Featured Rescue
Featured Adoption of the Month
Meet Home!
Hi, my name is Home, and a forever home is something I dream of. I am a 5yo lab mix. I walk well on leash, I am crate trained, I am housebroken, I am good with other dogs and I am good with cats. My foster sisters are cats, the youngest one likes me and wants to play with me I even let her lick my rawhide treats, but the two older ones would prefer I leave them alone so that's what I do. I mean really... I am just about perfect. I love people and playing, my foster mom lets me sit on the couch and lay in her lap to watch TV. I love life and having fun. Outside is my favorite place to be, rolling in the grass is so much fun. OK, so I do have a flaw (of sorts). When I came to Almost Home Foundation from the south they noticed I was favoring one of my legs. They took me to the vet and a specialist. Basically, my bone has a break. It is an old break that has healed and the specialist says it is best to leave it as is. They said it looks like I was shot in the leg, which caused the break, and it is around three years old. It really does not limit me too much, and I am not in pain. I can still walk and run and play, but the vet suggests I not go on long hikes or have hard play time where I can further injure my leg. You have to meet me to see how happy I am, and that this is really not a hindrance for me. 

For adoption information on Home Click Here.
About Almost Home
"Almost Home Foundation was founded by 5 animal lovers in March of 2005. The founders felt that by creating this organization, we could make a difference and save many lives.  We are an all volunteer, registered, not-for-profit 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to rescuing stray and abandoned cats and dogs."
To see other loving cats and dogs looking for a home please click the link below...
IT News
8 IT management productivity killers
By  Bruce Harpham , CIO | APR 2, 2018 3:00 AM PT
There are two types of productivity killers in the modern workplace: small distractions that sap your focus and big productivity killers that push you into applying time and effort in all the wrong places. Like it or not, weak IT management practices are what cause the more significant productivity killers.

Following is a look at eight such practices that are derailing your IT department — and how to adjust for success.

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What is the name of the popular Australian food spread used on sandwiches, toast and pastries?


Correct Answers:
Juan Figueroa, Kimi Hirotsu Ziemski, 
Scott Smith, Cory Edgar, Lynsay Lamb, Tony Juarez, Kim Kiefer, Josh Hartman 

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What planet in our solar system has the most gravity?

Data's Tech "Tails"
Virtual reality Firefox?

Walmart Robots Tracking Inventory?

Data's Monthly Tech Tip
Password Magic

Here are some tips for you to have a great password strategy.
1.        Get a password manager. I use LastPass and so do many cyber security experts. A password manager will let you make your passwords as complex as you want without having to remember anything except for the one password for your password manager.
2.         When it comes to passwords, entropy is the name of the game. Something that has high entropy means you can’t figure out one character based on another.
3.        Go to https://www.rempe.us/diceware/#eff for example. The site will generate random words and letters that are surprisingly easy to remember but nearly impossible to guess.

  1. I clicked on “5 Words” and got: opposite42541suction61215upstroke65254traction62416appear12216
  2. I then just pick two of the words, capitalize the first letter and one of the number sequence and got “UpstrokeAppear12216”
  3. Plug it in to my password manager and that’s it. 
  4. The password manager should automatically log me in to the sites I have passwords saved for or at least be able to tell me what the password is.

Optimizing Technology to Optimize YOUR Business
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