June 2018
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The CCC Process: Through the Eyes of a Project Manager
 By: Kevin Jermyn, Senior Project Manager
Kevin Jermyn
  CCC Technologies successful upgrades/Migrations in the Avaya CM world all start with developing a project plan with emphasis on minimum risk to customer and end user.
To start, CCC Account Executives and Design Engineers engage the Project Manager, Lead Engineer, and the VP of operations once the design and customer needs are realized and developed. We collaborate with design changes to maximize flexibility and minimize risk, which allows for less down time for the customer. Most designs will end up with....

Meet CCC


  I worked in small business and tax accounting for a local CPA company for 12 years prior to coming to CCC in September 2012. Upon starting I began learning the evolving artforms that are Avaya and Mitel, as well as ConvergeConnect® and all the various ConvergeSecure® offerings. I have continued learning throughout the almost 6 years I have grown here at CCC. 
I currently live here in Wood Dale, which is the farthest I’ve strayed from where I grew up in Glendale Heights. My pride and joy is my son Paul, who was diagnosed with epilepsy back in 2008 and now faces each day with a smile as he remembers the down times of the past while appreciating the up times he is currently in.  
My favorite hobby is recording my own music in my home studio, and another waiting member of the CCC House Band, should it ever get off the ground. Also, lately Monopoly has become the rage in the household.

Cory Edgar,
Contracts & Fulfillment Administrator

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CCC Family Photos
CCC team members that were recognized for going "above and beyond" at our May Company meeting.
MUTT of the MONTH!
Mikey is 6-Months old. He’s a Miniature English Bulldog. Mikey enjoys bullying his older sister Ruby (Miniature Pincher) and older brother, Romeo, the cat.
Mikey also loves baths, but hates time outs. He especially loves Kisses.

As you can see in the video, he doesn't want to go to his room when told to.
Want your pooch featured as Mutt of the Month?
Click the link below to email their picture to (mcurelo@ccc1.com). Be sure to include, name, age, breed, three fun facts about your four legged friend, and the city you live in.
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Customer Corner
Trapp Financial

Trapp Financial is an independent financial services firm that has been operating in the local community for over 25 years and has been based in Itasca, IL since 1997.

The firm provides resources and specialized strategies to help their clients plan for life changes such as retirement, starting a family, divorce, changes in employment, entering a caregiving role, or experiencing the loss of a loved one.

They also assist entrepreneurs, business owners, and medical and law professionals in establishing and managing 401(k) programs for themselves and their employees.

Trapp Financial’s goal is to educate and empower their clients to take control of their financial future and provide them with clarity and confidence on topics that are often complex and confusing. The firm offers client-only breakfasts and seminars as well as educational programs in the community that are open to the public.

The firm boasts a dedicated and accessible team featuring two CFP® professionals, Christine Trapp and Stephanie Fuller, who pride themselves on partnering with their clients and being their advocate. Although many professional call themselves “financial planners,” only Certified Financial Planner™ professionals have completed extensive training, fulfilled the CFP Board’s rigorous requirements, and are held to the highest ethical and educational standards.

Trapp Financial is affiliated with LPL Financial. LPL Financial does not engage in investment banking and has no proprietary products which allows the firm to provide objective advice and look out for the best interest of their clients.
·          Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
·          Retirement Planning
·          Tax Analysis & Planning
·          Estate Planning
·          Education Planning
·          Risk Management Strategies 
Securities and Advisory Services offered through LPL Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor. Member FINRA/SIPC.
Proudly Partnered With...
What does Downtime Cost You?
Do you know how much downtime costs your business? Datto, one of CCC's trusted business partners has a calculator to give you a rough estimate.

Try it and you may be surprised .

CCC can help you avoid or minimize costly downtime.

If you need our support, please call our 100% U.S.-based Customer Care Team at 1-866.347.3780 anytime, day or night.

This Month's Featured Rescue
Featured Adoption of the Month
Meet Dolly Madison
Calling all boxer lovers! Say hello to Dolly Madison! She is an eight year old female boxer mix. Don’t let her grey muzzle fool you. She still has a lot of spunk and loves to play. She is sweet, loves to cuddle and give big sloppy kisses.

She was one of our pulls from Alabama. We sure did step in just in time because she was going to be put down only because of her age. She wasn’t injured at all but it is apparent from her appearance that she had been abused and used as a breeding machine. She was probably tossed away by a back yard breeder after she was no longer useful.

She is good with other dogs and with children. Sad thing is she’s not in foster yet and she’s waiting at the kennel for someone to take her. Can you open your home and heart to Dolly? She really deserves to spend the rest of her life in a forever home, laying on a comfy couch and getting tons of love.

For adoption information on Dolly Madison Click Here.
About Almost Home
"Almost Home Foundation was founded by 5 animal lovers in March of 2005. The founders felt that by creating this organization, we could make a difference and save many lives.  We are an all volunteer, registered, not-for-profit 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to rescuing stray and abandoned cats and dogs."
To see other loving cats and dogs looking for a home please click the link below...
For more info on this upcoming event Click Here
IT News
10 IT management certifications for IT leaders
By: Sarah K. White , Senior Writer, CIO | MAY 30, 2018
IT managers are often responsible not just for overseeing the IT infrastructure in an organization but overseeing IT teams as well. To succeed as an IT manager, you will need to understand the fundamentals of security, data storage, hardware, software, networking and IT management frameworks — and how they all work within the business. Plus, you will need to be adept at managing teams, projects and processes

The certifications that you’ll want for an IT management position will...

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Sheila Jaycox, Bruce Birky, Cory Edgar, Lynsay Lamb, Alison Goodridge, Juan Figuero

This Month's Trivia:
The profile of General George Washington appears on what United States military decoration?

Jerry's Tech Jumble
Click Here for a .PDF of this Month's CCC Jumble
(The answers will be in next month's edition)

Data's Tech "Tails"
Depression May Be Linked To Negative Experiences On Social Media

Data's Monthly Tech Tip
3 Reasons NOT to Get Your Business Computers at a Big Box Store

Sure, those sale prices look tempting and can make you feel really smart for saving a few bucks getting your office computers much cheaper at a big box store. Here are 3 reasons you should not do that.

  • Although the specs look the same, those inexpensive, consumer-grade computers usually have inferior hardware in them. It may say Intel i5 processor, but there are many factors that determine how efficient a processor will run. A poorly running processor will really try your patience.

  • I have never seen a consumer-grade computer with a Professional Operating System in it. They almost always have a Home version. A Home version lacks many of the features that a Pro version has, making the computer less secure and more expensive to configure and manage over the long run.

  • Another reason those computers in the big box stores are so inexpensive is that someone is helping you pay for it. Those “someones” are the companies that paid to put their trial versions of software in the computer assuming you would simply sign up for the full version. In most cases that’s exactly what happens. However, those programs are almost never tested to see how well they’ll run together and may even contain spyware and other malicious code. So, you say, “Ok, I’ll just uninstall all those programs.” Time spent cleaning up all that “garbageware” kills whatever savings you had on the purchase of the machine; especially if you have to pay someone to do it for you.

This Month's Tech Tip courtesy of:
Chris Demeur, Data Solutions Architect
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