College Field Trip 2017

Thursday I had the chance to visit Holyoke one more time, a place where I could meet friends that I made over the summer, we had dinner together, we talked about this past three months that we haven't seen each other and talked, on Friday we all went to the Westfield State University where I meet amazing tours guide, people from my major that I'm interested in, my passion for psychology has grown up once more, I realized that I want to help people as many ways that I can possibly help. Westfield State university is a small school where you can get contact with your professors out of class, small students in a classroom, a perfect place if you want to build a relation with your professor. However, the camp is beautiful in fall time, and amazing food at DC, fun people, and cozy dorms. It was a great experience. I want to thank you all our supporters that made this trip happen.

Gabe DaSilva

On Friday I had the chance to visit Westfield State University. It was a very great experience for me because I had my mind so focused on going to school in Boston that I ended up erasing other schools from my mind. This college visit helped me learn that a smaller school could be better for me.  I'm a senior in high school and my goal for after I graduate is to become a doctor. I am totally in love with medicine and can't see myself doing anything else. I also have doctors and nurses in my family so I would love to carry that on.  Westfield State University has a beautiful campus and a very good biology program that really caught my attention. We had the chance to sit down with the Chairman and Professor from the Biology Department. They were very helpful and informative. We had a nice lunch at the campus, the food was absolutely amazing. Everyone was really nice.
Claudia Motta

Thank you so much for organizing this amazing experience to Holyoke.  I had so much fun, seeing my friends from Holyoke and eating dinner and breakfast with our host. The Holyoke folks was great.  I learned so much the next day when I went to Westfield State. It was amazing.  It's a great campus and I wish to go there when I graduate high school. There were wonderful tour guides and it was a fun experience walking around campus and going to every stop around it.  The dorms freaked me out a little bit because they were a little small.  Once again thank you so much for all of what you have made and done for me and my fellow MVYLI friends.  I hope we can set something up in the future... and thank you so much Marianne for all you've done for us.  I appreciate that you took time to set all this up for us, had a blast!
Gustavo Ramos 
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