These special children are available through our various international adoption programs.  To learn more about our programs, please visit our website .   

Bella will turn 10 this May. She is deaf, but she does not let that hold her back.  She has been working hard at sign language, and when we recently spent time with her, she was clear to let us know, in sign, that she 'wanted to find her Mama to have a family.'  Bella is a sweet, spunky girl with a big personality.  She lights up the room, and loves playing the drums ! Bella also enjoys doing crafts, dancing, drawing, and jumping rope.  She is a treasure, and this picture says it all! Contact Sarah Hansen  for more information.

Oh this little cherub has the roundest face and the best smile!!!  Maisie is described as active, outgoing, and happy - the perfect combination.  She's only 1-year-old, and can already roll over and sit.  Though, if she doesn't want to sit, she'll simply plop down and roll away from you.  Maisie loves holding and shaking toys, and she can easily pass them from hand to hand.  And she has no problem feeding herself snacks.  Maisie is working hard on standing up, and is getting there!  She receives PT on a regular basis, and is continually improving in her gross motor skills.  Maisie's family will be so lucky to have her!  Contact Sarah Hansen for more information. 

Julian is an exceptional boy.  He is honest, kind, sensitive, and always gracious to others.  Julian has a very strong Christian faith, and his faith in God is extremely important to him.  He regularly turns to prayer to seek Godly counsel for issues he faces.  He enjoys spending time reading and studying his bible.  In his free time, Julian enjoys playing basketball, and playing marbles.  Oh how we wish we could show you a picture of this handsome boy who has a heart of gold.  Julian turns 14 this summer, which means he is desperately running out of time.  Julian is available for adoption for a family from any state.  But he is also available to be hosted this summer in MD, NJ, PA, IL, IN, or MO.  Read more about our hosting program here, or email Amanda Felizardo for more information about adoption.

Mateo is a sweet, calm boy who works very hard to adapt despite his set-backs.  He is now walking, and is currently being weaned off of his feeding tube.  Our team spent time with him a few weeks ago and fell in love with him!  He interacts with his caregivers by smiling and making eye contact.  Mateo is loved by his caretakers, and they are eager for him to find his adoptive family so that he can receive the reconstructive surgery that he so desperately needs. While our ultimate goal is to find Mateo a forever family, we are also hoping to connect with medical organizations that might be able to assist in helping Mateo receive surgery while he waits. Please contact  Misty Lucas if your family can provide the love and care Mateo deserves.
We are currently looking for families interested in adopting young children with minor, or no medical needs from ALL of our programs (China, Philippines, Bulgaria, and Colombia).  It is a GREAT time to submit a Dossier with Madison Adoption Associates, as wait times are currently minimal in all of our programs, China especially!

You can learn more about these waiting children, as well as others, in a variety of ways!  Email us, join our  Waiting Child Facebook group, or follow us  on Instagram @ madison_adoption_associates.