Meet some of our amazing waiting children!  They are available through our various international adoption programs.  To learn more about our programs, please visit our website .   


Karen is a lovely 7-year-old girl who does well in second grade.  She enjoys dance, gymnastics and dolls, as well as playing games on the ipad.  Karen is currently placed with biological relatives, however she is reported to experience behavioral challenges in the home, and her caregivers feel she would do better in a different home.  This is a private, domestic adoption, and the adoptive family should be willing to maintain a relationship with Karen's biological relatives.  Because of this, the adoptive family must live within close proximity of southern New Jersey.  The adoptive family must be home study ready (or close to it), and have no younger children in the home. Please email Diana Bramble  for further information.

We gave this boy the advocacy name Teddy because he is cute and cuddly like a teddy bear!  This boy sure is a sweetheart. Many of our staff and friends have met sweet Teddy, and only have good things to say about him. Teddy is one and a half, and is diagnosed with hypospadias. He appears to be on target developmentally, and would flourish in a loving home! Teddy is available for adoption from China, and can be matched with a qualified family at any stage of the adoption process. Please email Sarah Hansen  for more information, and check out his adorable VIDEOS!

Sophie is a strikingly beautiful, healthy 8-year-old girl with grand aspirations of becoming a doctor when she grows up.  She is a smart girl, and does well in school.  Sophie is known to always help out with dishes and cleaning.  She is a respectful, kind girl, who gets along with caregivers and her peers.  Sophie is available for international adoption from a small Asian country.  If you are interested in more information on this gorgeous girl, please email Amanda Felizardo.

Rebecca is a beautiful, healthy young lady who has a sense of humor and enjoys a good laugh, especially when among close friends.  Rebecca has a talent for and enjoys singing and dancing, but often gets shy in front of large groups. Over the past month, Rebecca was observed by the staff the child caring agency (CCA) as being less talkative and quite lonely. Recently, she shared with the administrator that she was feeling sad and bothered as she may never be adopted as she was nearing 15 years of age, the maximum age for adoption. She would often inquire as to whether a parent had been found for her yet.  When advised to pray and ask for help from the Lord, her response was, "That's exactly what I've been doing every single night."  Could you be the answer to Rebecca's prayers?  Rebecca is available for international adoption from a small Asian country.  If you are interested in more information on this beautiful child, please email Amanda Felizardo.  

Luis is 10 years old.  He is an active young boy.  He is interested in mathematics and stands out with his logical skills.  He is creative and enjoys physical activity.  He has been described as shy and sometimes impulsive.  His favorite television show is Sponge Bob Square Pants. When asked about his desire for a family he stated, "I want a good family which takes care of me, who I can play XBOX with and who I can go out to travel with."  Could you be Luis' family?  Luis is available for adoption from a country in South America. Please reach out to Misty Lucas if you are interested.

Tessa is an 11-year old girl who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside! Tessa was initially diagnosed with spina bifida and spinal meningocele, and later with chronic kidney disease and moderate anemia. Tessa is mature, strong, polite and well-liked. Despite her complicated medical history, she continues to work hard in school, treat others with kindness, and be optimistic. She enjoys music, drawing, dancing, and reading. Her favorite musical instruments are the zither and the piano. Tessa also really enjoys fashion and beauty. She likes to pick out cute outfits and do her hair to match! Her caretakers say she is hygienic, organized and that she enjoys cleaning. Tessa makes her bed and tidies her room every morning without being asked. She is well-liked by both her peers and adults in the orphanage. Tessa is available for adoption from China, and can be matched with a qualified family at any stage of the adoption process. For more information please email Sarah Hansen .
Every day they wait is one too many days without a family.  Please consider adopting one of our waiting children.  They need you!  

You can learn more about these waiting children, as well as others, in a variety of ways! Email us, join our Waiting Child Facebook group, or follow us on Instagram @ madison_adoption_associates.