Magellan Live Case Broadcast During Pumps & Pipes

On December 9, Dr. Jean Bismuth performed a live Magellan case from Houston Methodist Hospital during the Pumps & Pipes 7 Conference, with Course Co-Director Dr. Alan Lumsden providing commentary.  Pumps & Pipes brings together major industries in Houston (Medicine, Oil & Gas, NASA) to discuss innovative technologies with potential for crossover benefit across disciplines.  


Dr. Bismuth used the precision and stability of the Magellan Robotic System to successfully navigate through a long (>15cm), heavily calcified SFA occlusion with his guide wire while seated at the remote workstation, and then performed a balloon angioplasty through the robotic Guide catheter.   

Congratulations to the Pumps & Pipes team on an inspirational meeting!  You may access the course website hereAn edited video of the case broadcast can be found here.
Happy Holidays from Hansen Medical!

The team at Hansen Medical would like to wish you a safe and happy Holiday Season. We are grateful for the opportunity to work on innovative intravascular robotics technology with the goal of improving the care of patients globally. Thank you for your support. Together we'll keep Driving Endovascular Evolution in the New Year!

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Test Drive Magellan at these January Meetings

January will be a busy month, with Magellan featured at three major Vascular meetings. Please visit our booth to meet the Hansen Medical team and take Magellan for a test drive.  


January 18-22, 2014


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