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January 2015     I    Issue 13
Intravascular Robotics at ISET 2015


The Magellan Robotic System will be a topic of discussion at the 27th annual International Symposium on Endovascular Therapy (ISET) meeting in Hollywood, FL next week. Three presentations are planned on intravascular robotics, along with a live case scheduled for Monday afternoon.  Here's more info about the robotic content on the program. 

Advancing Treatment for Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Patients
A recent story from Keck Medical Center of USC in Los Angeles, titled "USC Surgeons Use Robotics to Save the Leg of a Whittier Teacher", highlights how the Magellan Robotic System, in the hands of the talented Vascular Surgeons at USC, is helping advance treatment options for patients with Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). Read more here.

Featured Case: First Robot-Assisted IVC Filter Retrieval
This month's featured case is the first intravascular robotic-assisted retrieval of an Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) Filter, performed by physicians at Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas. 250,000 filters are placed annually in the US to prevent Pulmonary Embolism (PE) in patients at risk for Deep Vein Thrombosis. Retrieving a filter after the risk of PE has subsided may be technically challenging or fail when a filter has tilted inside the body. By enabling robotic control of the catheter tip inside the blood vessel, Magellan may help a physician more precisely target the filter and enhance the predictability of this procedure. Read more here