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This Week's
Fresh Fish UN-Fry

Hawaiian Mahi Mahi
grilled with orange tomato salsa & almonds with a citrus glaze on a bed of jasmine rice infused with coconut milk and a touch of saffron

Thursday thru the weekend or until it runs out (call ahead to reserve)

More Fun is on the Way

While the Rookery's live outdoor music may be over for the season, the dinner lecture series we host here for the Cable Natural History Museum is about to begin.

Once a month, from October thru March, museum staff bring in some incredibly entertaining and informative speakers on a wide variety of topics. The Thursday evening presentations begin at 5:30 PM, followed by optional dinner and follow up discussion with the speaker at 7.

Those long winter nights are soon upon us. Ask most anyone who has attended one of these fun events in the past and they'll tell you how much they look forward to such a great excuse for getting out of the house one evening a month. Make this the year you discover just why for yourself!

Here are the first three presentations on the docket. Mark your calendar today!

Thursday, October 27
Lake Baikal
Join Rick Erickson, science teacher at Bayfield High School, to hear about his adventure accompanying students to Siberia. You will hear stories of their Lake Baikal experience, and you will hear about the friendships formed with people who live near the other largest freshwater lake in the world.
Thursday, November 10
Wood Turtle Conservation
Join Bob Hay, former DNR herpetologist, to learn about the status and history of wood turtles in Wisconsin and the activities and successes of the Wood Turtle Conservation Program from its inception in 2007 to the present. This includes surveys to identify existing nesting sites in northern WI counties, a four-year wood turtle hatchling program, and work being done to restore and create nesting sites that significantly improve hatching rates.
Thursday, December 8
Current Trends in Wolf Research and Management
Join Adrian Wydeven, Timber Wolf Alliance Coordinator, to learn about recent studies that examine wolf impact on vegetation and deer in Wisconsin and the Great Lakes area. In addition, Adrian will discuss social research on public acceptance of wolves and wolf management, and share recent developments in wolf management and how politics are affecting development of management policies in the state.
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Rookery Pub Fine Dining
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