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You may have heard of the The Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland--the huge particle accelerator more than 16 miles in circumference. But do you know that the Collider, testing M-Theory and Warped Geometry may help offer an explanation for UFO technology? 
"Solving the UFO Enigma: How Modern Physics is Revealing the Technology of UFOs"
September 17- 6:30 pm
          Free to the public
Robert Schroeder
Author and businessman, Robert Schroeder has stayed current with modern physics so he can prove his point. He contends that spectrographic data of UFO sightings combined with testing of M-Theory and Warped Geometry (now being testing at the Collider) will explain UFO technology.

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MUFON PA Annual UFO Conference

October 4-6, 2013

Sheraton Bucks County Hotel

Langhorne, PA 19047


Bill Weber
Bill Weber
Chief Investigator
  • Dr. Ted Ackworth - UFO Hunters Reunion
  • Bill Birnes  - "UFO Hunters Reunion"
  • Tom Carey- Witness to Roswell
  • Richard Lang - UFO Investigation Methodology
  • Jonathan Maberry- UFOs and Aliens in Pop Culture
  • Anthony Paris- Ufology for the 21st Century
  • Nick Redfern - The Real Men in Black
  • Fred Saluga - UFOs and Bigfoot
  • Bill Birnes
    Bill Birnes
    Anthony Sanchez
    - UFO Highway to Dulce
  • Pat Uskert- UFO Hunters Reunion
  • John Ventre- Do You Know? Should You Know?
  • Travis Walton - Fire in the Sky
  • Bill Weber - MUFON Case #47000-possible Mid-Air Collision
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    Offer Expires:  September 15, 2013
    Tredyffrin Public Library sign
    Tues. Sept. 17- 6:30 pm

    582 Upper Gulph Road
    Strafford, PA 19087



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    The Large Hadron Collider

    Some facts on the Collider


    The Large Hadron Collider
    October 15 at 6:30 pm
    Tredyffrin Public Library
    Linda Zimmerman


    "The Hudson Valley UFO Flap"


    MUFON PA Special Package

    Four Great Sessions, 11 Renowned Speakers! 

  •  Friday-speakers & cocktails
  •  Saturday, full day plus Dinner Session
  •  Sunday full day session
  •  Sheraton Hotel rooms: call 215-269-3408!


    Jennifer W. SteinJen with Abduction wine, Director of Main Line MUFON recently spoke at the

    Eperiencers Speak Conference in Portland, Maine

    on her personal 1975 UFO sighting from her Kulpsville, PA bedroom. She was joined by 12 speakers who related their personal stories in the annual conference.
    "It was an experience that almost 25 years later I re-visited and realize that it has had a profound meaning for me since then."



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