Artist Elite - Low Profile, High Impact

With the addition of the Artist Series ATM230 and Artist Elite AE2300, Audio-Technica now offer a complete line of high-performance instrument microphones. Both models excel in high-SPL environments, but are designed for distinct applications.

The hypercardioid ATM230 features a rugged, low-profile design and included drum mount, making it ideally suited for miking toms, snares and other percussion instruments. The cardioid AE2300, with its exceptional high-frequency and transient response, is perfect for miking guitar amps, brass and woodwinds, plus drums and percussion. A mic for every instrument.

SKB 10U Fly Rack Case

ATA Removable Fly Racks are now available in a 10 Unit model. the frames are built of high-strength aluminum alloy and include front & rear rack rails with a 10" rack depth. ABS plastic covers the top and bottom of the rack for added protection, and the entire rack fits easily into our iSeries 2222-12 case with plenty of room for knobs and buttons.

Click here for more information on the FlyRack Series.

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Did you know the Hosa Power Distribution Cords are now shipping?

Audio-Technica BP40 Large-Diaphragm Dynamic Broadcast Microphone

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