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Cutest Cat Contest!

Since we just did a cute dog contest, the natural follow up, is a cute cat contest
Post a picture of your cat on the FreePromoTips Facebook Page
Our team will choose 3 winners that will be spotlighted in our next FPT E-Newsletter.
Winners will ALSO get a
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Our Last Issue Featured Jeff's Confession He Lied.
If you missed it, click here.
Jeff Commentary
Click Here for Jeff's Video Rant on the Lie and His Take on Distributor Positioning...

 Dana Zezzo from Jetline Shares a Bit on the Maximizing Profitability
and the SAAC Show!
(Featuring an imposing guest that you can meet at the Show) 

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Change Can Happen!

My feeling is that our industry does not do change well. The commentary we feature in this issue is on Maintaining Profitability

We all want to be more profitable, the how we get there may not be so exciting. And to get there requires change. This is a big topic, so here we are sharing Part 1.

In our last issue I confessed that I lied. My confession and take on distributor positioning, is shared in my commentary, I Confess. I Lied. Perhaps some of you have done the same thing?

This issue features another confession. I hate cats. I'm really a dog person. At the nudging of my teenage son, I find that we now have a cat...in addition to our three crazy dogs. I got sucked into this because we have a bit of a mouse problem in our suburban neighborhood. 
My animal loving son rescued this cat from the pound. He has named him "Spartacus, the Mouse Killer". Whether he lives up to his name remains to be seen, but for the moment I think the cat is pretty cool.  
Following up our Cute Dog Contest, we now announce our Cute Cat Contest brought to you by our animal loving friends at AIA and Warwick! (This one is for Walter Kurt and Mr. Boozie.) 
Get Some Glory for Your Cat!
I cringe when doing this for cats...BUT here we go!
Post a picture of your cat on our Facebook Page.
Our team will choose THREE winners who will get a self promo order from anything in the Warwick catalog. 

Make it a great day!

Jeff Solomon, MAS

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Maintaining Profitability - Part 1 

The news of a well-known supplier with a long history closing their doors stunned the industry recently.

This isn't the first of such casualties and it certainly won't be the last. There will also be losses of distributors and more consolidation. Strong suppliers will buy smaller suppliers and strong distributors will absorb smaller distributors. Some companies will just close their doors.

Click here for the rest of the article...

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A Thought Provoking Commentary from Rebecca Kollmann, MAS+ from AIA 

Imagine: It's a dark and stormy night. You're lying in bed, awaiting the sound of your teenager returning home after a long night at work. 


They're running late, and you're trying not to think the worst. You have to get up in a few hours, and stop fighting the urge to sleep. You begin to doze off ...

Click here for the rest of the story...  
It's Coming!  August 6-7! 

from ETS 
talks about the the amazing ZOOM Catalog Party at the SAAC Show. Another reason why SAAC rocks!
Click here for the video! 

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