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RIP Wolisa  
July 28, 2013
RIP Wolisa (Rhodium x Democraat)
We lost our fabulous mare Wolisa Elite (Rhodium x Democraat) to Enteritis last week.  We want to thank the generous support we had on facebook while we tried to save her.  Myhre Equine did a fabulous job taking care of her.  She was a fighter and amazed everyone at the clinic.  We thought we had battled the enteritis and the resulting foundering over the week long+ intensive care and hoping to bring her home when she broke out with diarrhea.  With her weakened state, it was too much and we put her to rest.  We have a very expensive vet bill to pay, so looking for ANY donations, sponsorships or if you looking to purchase a breeding or horse, it would help us a lot!  We appreciate anything.  Thanks.

Gercordia MG (Farrington  Keur x Marlon) FOR SALE
Gercordia MG (Farrington Keur x Marlon)
If you've been wanting a filly from the famous Keur stallion Farrington, here is your gal.  This 2 year old chestnut filly has pizazz and a jaw dropping trot.  She comes from the Holsteiner Stamm 1907.  Her mother produced the #1 jumper filly, so lots of good jumper blood to do those hard pirouettes in the future.  She is built much like her Keur sire Farrington proven to produce top Grand Prix dressage offspring.  She has an amazing topline with plenty of uphill carriage like her father.  For the serious buyer looking for a
Gercordia MG
Gercordia MG (Farrington x Marlon)
top performance horse for dressage and looking to kick butt in the ring.  Gercordia MG is also a good candidate for breeding too.  Very personable with lots of spunk to do the hard work and very trainable. At her first show ever at Ten Broeck Farm in 2012 she was 1st place Yearling and ended up #4 in the nation USDF KWPN-NA.  Not too shabby for a growing yearling. Preference to a buyer who will help her prove herself in sport or breeding.  You will have to ask yourself if you will be able to sit her big trot!
Ionette MG (Navarone x Veron x Accord II) FOR SALE
Ionette MG (Navarone x Veron x Accord II)
Athletic, Flashy, Sweet Chestnut filly with a star and 2 hind socks born April 20, 2013.

We've been waiting for beautiful gem for quite some time.  Bred to jump!  If you want a top jumper or jumper breeding prospect, look no further.  Ionette MG is just that. She already shows a very good canter and quickness and handiness when she plays.  I envision her winning the speed classes in the future!  Check out the n
Ionette MG (Navarone x Veron x Accord II)
ew video on her web page.

Her sire Navarone (Jus de Pomme x Armstrong) is a proven producer of International Grand Prix jumpers!  You can't go wrong with his offspring.  Everyone loves them!

Her dam Eeyanette RGS is by the sadly deceased stallion Veron (Quite Easy x Caretino).  He died too young by accident, but lives on in the few offspringhe was able to produce before his frozen semen ran out.  We are happy to have this mare in our breeding program.  Eeyanette RGS was #2 foal in the Nation KWPN-NA Keurings. Now she will go prove her self in sport. Her mother Larinette Keur jumped successfully in Holland before importing and just a few points away from getting her sport predicate. Super motherline from VDL Stud, that also produced many many top foals that sold at the famous auctions in Holland and also produced the approved stallions, Matterhorn, Nirvana van de Zuuthoeve, Big Star, Amethist, Two in One and Luxano. This special filly is offered for sale with preference to a home that will prove her in sport.
Iceman MG (Crespo x Marlon x Accord II) FOR SALE
Iceman MG (Crespo x Marlon x Accord II) athletic powerful bay jumper colt born May 4, 2013.
Tercordia Elite (Marlon x Accord II)

We already had a filly by  Crespo (Canturo x Candillo x Quidam de Revel)  that was #1 in the nation and Iceman MG's dam Tercordia Elite has had a #1 in the nation filly too.  Proven producer on both sides right up front!

This is the first time this mare has produced a colt and wow, we are pleased.  He has a phenomenal jump in his canter.  A top prospect your international jumper and/or stallion prospect.  We wont mind if this one hangs around for a while.  We love him and he is so easy to handle.

From an old Holsteiner Stamm Line 1907 known for producing it's performance and work ethic. Stamm 1907 as produced 35 approved stallions including: Consul, Condino, Landmeister, Senator, Campari, Calando and Ramado.  Could Iceman MG be next?  Could be, but for sure he is bred to excel to the highest level in sport!

If your looking for a top jumper colt, look no further.

Gingerloma MG (Navarone x Goodtimes) SOLD
Gingerloma MG (Navarone x Goodtimes)
Congratulations to Emily & Johnathon Holmes (NH->FL) on their purchase of Gingerloma MG (Navarone x Goodtimes)  This amazing 2 year old filly will be the foundation of their new breeding program and competed in eventing.  We send good wishes for their new adventure! Gingerloma MG will be at the 2013 New England KWPN Keuring free jumping for the first time.

Emily is a recent graduate from University of New Hampshire's Equine Program. They will be moving to Ocala FL area at the end of September.  I hope all my friends and fellow breeders in the area will give them their super support. Emily has been working at Majestic Gaits over the summer.  We will miss her. If your in the Ocala area and need a excellent person for working with your young horses and/or breeding program, she comes highly recommended.

At the Ten Broeck Breed Show this year, Dr. Christian Schacht commented on her correct conformation.  Last year she wowed people all the way to the championships. 2012 Brookside Breed Show I 1st Place 2012 NEDA Fall Show Yearling Filly 1st Place 78.5%, Reserve Champion Filly Championship, Reserve Champion USDF BC Series Final.  Can't say enough nice things about this filly. She is sweet and easy to work with.

Gingerloma MG is full sibling to Fenway MG and Austin MG.  Her dam Miloma Elite is back in foal for 2014! 
Ironman MG (Schroeder x Goodtimes) SOLD
Ironman MG (Schroeder x Goodtimes)
Ironman MG (Schroeder x Goodtimes)
Congrats to Carbery Fields Farms (CT), Liz and John Caron on their purchase of Ironman MG (Schroeder x Goodtimes).  We look forward to seeing this talented colt come up the dressage levels with Liz Caron.  Watch for Ironman MG at the Maplewood Breed Show Thursday and Friday this week, the New England KWPN-NA Keuring Sept 4 and at the NEDA Fall Breed Show and Championships September 19-20! 

Ironman MG's dam Valanta (Goodtimes x Houston) is back in foal to Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) and offered for presale!
Dante MG (Chin Chin x Glennrige) at the shows
We couldn't be more pleased with the work that Carly Fisher, Clarion Farm is doing with our young stallion Dante MG (Chin Chin x Glennridge) in preparation for the shows.  She has been taking him to many different clinics with Michael Page, Cynthia Hankins, Greg Best, Geoff Teall and Buddy Brown.  They all said what a great team they made and the good job she was doing.  And jumping the big stuff is not an issue with him, just putting on the good foundation.  Which she is doing!

This past week they went to a schooling show at Apple Knoll Farm (MA) and not only jumped around the courses with a clear round, but stood around like any other horse hanging out at the gait!  He is ready for the real shows now! Great job Carly!

Dante MG has had super fresh cooled this year with good longevity.  Both Carly and I have a mare in foal.  When your rider wants one by him, you know they are good!

Dante MG is Approved Oldenburg GOV, sBs, RPSI, KWPN Register A Activated.  He will next be at the ISR Oldenburg inspection August 9 at Ten Broeck Farm (MA)

Schroeder & Offspring News
We couldn't be more happy with our stallion Schroeder's training with rider Mary Bahnuik Lauritsen.  They have now qualified for 4th level Regional Championships.  They plan to do their first PSG at the NEDA Fall Festival and Championships.  They had a super clinic with Lars Petersen. 

Schroeder offspring have been doing well in the show ring this year in dressage and the breed shows.  Schroeder is currently listed #4 in the USEF Dressage Sporthorse Sire rankings. 

Dorette MG (Schroeder x Silvano) has been winning at both GMHA shows this year and bringing home the blue ribbons with scores up to 69.2!  Congrats to owner Sue Wildman and the riders (Mike Robbins and Makenzi Wendel) from Rosebrook Farm on a job well done.  We are the happy breeders of this fabulous mare.

Evangelo Hit (Schroeder x Secret Prince xx) has been out there cleaning up with breeder/rider/owner Carrie Calder at the dressage shows too.  At both training and first level they've been getting scores up to 70.5% Congrats. 

Shalimar GGF (Schroeder x Wolkenstein II) a previous breed show Grand Champion has also been doing very well again this year with scores up to 78.1 in material and 78.2 in the mare class! Congrats to breeder/owner Rachel Ehrlich.

and more...latest updates shared on Facebook.  Join us there and share your news there for current day to day updates from the breeders and owners. 


Congrats to Taylor Driscoll & Uloma MG
Uloma MG
Taylor Driscoll & Uloma MG (Farrington x Goodtimes)
Congrats to Taylor Driscoll on getting he first level scores towards her USDF Medals.  At the UNH show this weekend Taylor rode our mare Uloma MG (Farrington x Goodtimes) with a high score of 69.5 and received a 1st and 2nd place.  Next show will be at Bear Spot Farm at 2nd level.  Congrats on a job well done.  Thanks to Emily and Johnathan Holmes for all their help at the show and Team Family Driscoll for a great audience and support.
  Listing your  Mare Leases and Horses for Sale
Majestic Gaits Clients Classifieds is Back 

I've set up the Majestic Gaits classifieds for our clients with categories for offspring of stallions from Majestic Gaits and VDL Stud for our clients for FREE.  Give it a try and give us some feedback.  If your looking for a horse from one of the stallions here, this is a great place to look!  If your category is not there, send me an email and I'll add it on there.

I've also added a mare lease section for people to list the mares they have for lease.  We have several clients asking for lease mares and will send them here to look.  So, list yours.  And if your looking for a lease mare, look here too!

Another VDL Shipment arriving this week
We have more Zirocco Blue and Carrera arrive from Holland this week and plenty other top quality VDL Stud stallions in stock at Majestic Gaits.  We can ship out overnight anytime.  We'll be glad to help you chose a stallion that fits your mare.  All frozen semen have a backup guarantee with fresh or frozen options.  These at top internation proven and young stallions.  Some news...

Etoulon had 5 foals invited to the NL National Foal Championships!  Check him out for your next possible breeding.  This is a young stallion who's offspring are on the move!

Champion of the jumping bred foals...the striking filly Isurusa (Zirocco Blue x Goodtimes).  It's no wonder why everyone like Zirocco Blue and Goodtimes.

Ippon VDJ (by Dakar) was hampion jumping foal in Zuid Holland.

And the stallion Zavall at tje CSI** Zuidwolde:placed 7th in the Grand Prix with his rider Jur Vrieling.  Super stallion to breed too!

The stallions Carrera and Baltic, both ridden by James Billington jumped clear in the Young horses final at CSI Twente.

We carry these and more of the fabulous top producing stallions from VDL Stud at Majestic Gaits.  Full list here.

Next Majestic Gaits Shows/Events attending....
Aug 1-2: Maplewood Warmbloods Breed Show(NY) - Ironman MG

Aug 4: Bear Spot Farm Dressage Show (MA) - Uloma MG 2nd Level & rider Taylor Driscoll

Aug 9: ISR Oldenburg Inspection (MA) - Dante MG

Aug 15-18: Centerline HITS Dressage Show (NY) - Schroeder

Sept 1:  Beland Dressage Show (MA) - Uloma MG 2nd level and Cacharelle Training level with rider Taylor Driscoll.

Sept 4: KWPN-NA New England Keuring (MA) - Ironman MG, Iceman MG, Ionette MG, Falanta MG, Gingerloma MG, Hybritta MG.

Sept 14-15: USDF Sporthorse Developing Horse Program hosted by NEDA

Sept 19-22: NEDA Fall Festival and Breed Show  - Ironman MG at Breed Show, Schroeder at Dressage Show, 4th Level & PSG
Our stallions are available for breeding with fresh chilled through August 15. Anything past that date, inquire.  Frozen can be shipped anytime year around.  We'll be glad to help you pick a stallion for your mare. 

Kathy Hickerson
Majestic Gaits