March 2015

So Much To Celebrate!

Make A Change Canada is celebrating its 10th year Anniversary!  That's 10 years of helping Canadians from coast to coast accomplish their dreams! 

In honour of our 10th anniversary, in October 2015, we will be hosting a LIVE extravaganza with  pre-recorded appearances by individuals who have benefited directly from our services. We may be contacting you to ask for your involvement!

Our new website is currently under development. The site will reveal a new look and place a real focus on providing you with the tools you need to support our charitable mission. 

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BA Online Business Development

Business Abilities gives you the flexibility and support you need to get started in business today. Online classroom sessions in GoToTraining and experienced business coaches enhance your business success. Through our supportive online approach, we'll help you get started in business. Get your flexible and online business planning support today! 
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Inspiring Journeys, Inspiring Success

This month we are celebrating Joan Blood!  Joan is close to completing the Business Abilities program at Make A Change Canada.   Read her inspiring story below!



I have many disabilities that are quite unique. I have two hands that have a mind of their own, which can make simple, everyday tasks quite challenging. Two tasks that come to mind are threading a needle in a sewing machine--something I do many times a day--and picking up a glass of water while trying not to spill it before I can take a sip. I am also deaf. It is actually great being deaf sometimes, particularly when I am sewing. I usually take my hearing aids out to eliminate any background noise and other distractions. I recently became a pledge walker. I completed two 10-kilometer walks last year, one in Edmonton and the other in Kelowna, B.C. Although I suffer from multiple joint pain in my hips, knees, and ankles, I still finished both races successfully. 


If you are unemployed, have a disability or chronic health issue, live in Canada, and are interested in becoming self-employed, you are welcome to sign up for the free online Business Abilities program at Make A Change Canada. My business is in the start-up stages of designing and creating racing quilts for all those who have a passion for running, biking, and swimming, and also enjoy collecting T-shirts from various sporting events around the world. Make A Change Canada has given me the ability to start this new career! Read more >>



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Thursday March 12 at 11:00am PT (2:00pm ET).

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This is a special invitation for current and future  program participants, students, career practitioners and  others, to join us in an interactive information session. 

There will be presentations, success stories, and the  opportunity to ask questions and share ideas. Are you a Business  Abilities or IBDE participant  or graduate? This is a great  opportunity to share your experience. Everyone  is welcome!   Sign up here >>

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