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   - Free Open Meeting Thu Aug 3rd
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  - Kickstarter Class Thu August 17th
  - 1-2-1 Empowered Inventing Services
Stop Counting the Play Money 


Too many inventors, innovators & entrepreneurs are treating play "Monopoly" money like it's real. 
If we're not careful, we'll end up counting things like we should be counting real money. And while these things should not be considered as bad things, and are actually in themselves good things, the problem arises when they become "counted" instead of the points that really count in business: customers and revenue.  
Here's some things we tend to want to count instead of those dollars, but really shouldn't.  
Pitch Competitions.  Now let me say this up-front.  Pitch competitions are good.  I am ALL for them.  I have participated in many of them, won them, and even teach how to do them.  You NEED to know how to master this skill if you are going to be a success with an invention, a business, or even in life.  However, I also know how easy it can become to start believing that they are an end unto themselves, and that can be dangerous.  Winning a pitch competition can and will (I know, I've been there) be like throwing gasoline on the fire of your ego.  It's great to win.  But if you begin to tell yourself that "now that you've won" that you have also won the end game of a successful startup, you are fooling yourself, and that can lead you down a path to ironically, failure.  
Investors & funding does not mean success.  It only gives you the opportunity to be successful.  Plus there will be strings attached.  Don't kid yourself - you are getting married to these people.  
Social media "Likes", "Favorites", "Subscribers", etc., are great.  You want this to boost your audience.  But again, when you start to confuse "Likes" with money, you are headed for scary territory.  I've seen a lot of people who have 100K Likes on Facebook but virtually no business.  Again, it's not a bad thing to have them, and while they can be helpful for getting business, they are not the end-all.  

Want to learn how to keep your eyes on the prize of real customers and revenue?  Here's some ways we can help you    
  • Join us next week at the Inventors Council Louisville Free Open Meeting on Thursday, August 3rd as we hear from the SBDC's David Oetken.  See all the details further down in this email. 
Inventors Council Louisville Free Open Meeting
- On Thursday August 3rd @ 7:00pm - 

So you've got a great idea for a product or business, but just don't know how to go about becoming an "Entrepreneur".  Don't you wish there was somewhere you could that could help you get your small business up and running?  If that's you, then you won't want to miss the next Inventors Council Louisville as we hear from: 

David Oetken
with the
Louisville Small Business Development Center

The Louisville SBDC provides one-on-one consultation to existing and potential entrepreneurs in the Louisville region, as well as offering low cost training programs taught by industry experts and qualified SBDC Consultants.

Dave has worked with the KSBDC since 2011.  His background includes a business career in the sports/entertainment industry, as an operations manager for several professional ice hockey teams, as an owner and operator of businesses in the food industry,  franchises , a news company and one of the largest thoroughbred  horse   publications  in the US.  He is a past vice-chair for GLI's Small Business Innovation Committee .

Join us as we learn about this great resource  
on Thursday August 3rd
at 7:00pm!
(Doors open for networking at 6:30pm)

When: Thursday, August 3rd, 2017 
9725 Dixie Hwy, Louisville
(Just off the Gene Snyder, Beside Meijer 
& behind the Tumbleweed Restaurant)

NEW TIME:Doors open for networking at 6:30 PM
            Meeting begins at 7:00 PM 


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