June 2016
Make Your Own Cosmetics With Summer Garden Herbs     

Many garden flowers, vegetables and herbs can be used to make herbal cosmetics in your own kitchen, and the process is no more time consuming than making a simple sauce!

Creating your own natural shampoos, hair rinses, facials, moisturizers, and body oils is rewarding and you'll know exactly what is in the product you have made.  

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June Is Buzzing In Our Tri
al Garden 

Beekeeper's Mix 
The trial garden is coming into full bloom! We have a large standout "Beekeeper's Flower Mix" as a potential new Scatter Garden Canister Mixture. It was sown just 2 and a half months ago and now it is bursting with blossoms for bees to buzz around and forage. The flowers are a colorful mix of pinks, blues, purple, white, yellow and orange and are very successfully attracting bees as well as many other pollinators. This easy to grow mix, once it is established , is quite drought tolerant and does not appear to need support as the plants stands up all on their own. This impressive mix is looking like a winner in its first trial season!

Sugar Snap Pea
in container
An ongoing task in the trial garden is to evaluate varieties in containers to try to find ones that actually work well in pots that gardeners will be successful with and enjoy. It looks like we found a new winner: a tasty container Sugar Snap Pea that stays short, produces well and is crunchy and sweet. These look fabulous in colorful containers and are easy to grow, so now we will send it to our trial garden in Vermont to make sure it does well there.

Tomato Tasmanian Chocolate in container
We are also excited about a new container tomato variety called trial called "Tasmanian Chocolate. " We've been told that this determinate plant will produce medium to large, deep mahogany colored tomatoes with a rich, sweet flavor. So far, the plants really keep their compact, sturdy form and appear to be very disease resistant. Of course we haven't tasted any yet, but it's looking good! Another lovely container variety is a mini Thai pepper. This perfectly rounded plant stays neat and tidy, and will produce over a hundred small but very powerfully hot chiles. We'll keep you posted!

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Best Wishes, Renee Shepherd  
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These delicate
shimmering jellies
are delicious condiments.