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SilentTrap??? Flying Insect Trap by Catchmaster???
SilentTrap Flying Insect Trap by Catchmaster
Nighty, Night Flying Insects!

New FLY Control Products

GLOstik??? PRO - Flying Insect Trap
GLOstik PRO - Flying Insect Trap


GO, GO GLOstik!   

  • Be certain that your windows, screens and entry ways are sealed tightly and in good repair.
  • Spray your entry ways and sills with a residual insecticide
  • Use time released pyrethrin sprays
  • Do not locate trash cans located near any entry ways.
  • Empty cans regularly, and wash them out weekly with a good bleach bath.
  • Use only trash cans with locking lids
  • Keep food covered at all times
  • Wipe up any crumbs, etc immediately
  • Don't leave produce on the counter without cover
  • Check any cracks between your appliances and counter tops to be sure that there are no trapped food particles
  • Keep the backs of cabinets clean and clear from excess storage items or clutter
  • Review under sinks and appliances to be certain that there is no accumulation of food or moisture
  • Do not leave any standing water or food build up in drains
  • Regularly flush your drains to remove any 'gunk' that may be building up on the insides of pipes.

What's so Fruity about FRUIT FLIES!?

  • Natural Catch� works anywhere fruitflies are a problem. The patented design allows easy use within displays or stands freely on countertops.


  • Natural Catch� controls fruitflies with a safe, easy-to-use, non-toxic, patented design.
  • Made of FDA approved food grade material
  • Natural catch Natural Fly Control is effective for 30 days
  • Controls Flies. Gnats, Midges, Mosquitoes, Vinegar Flies or Drosophila
  • Convenient and Versatile.....
  • Effective


    Natural Catch� works! It is simple, safe, and economical

    coupon code: nofly
    Offer Expires: 8/30/2012