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Words from a Patient


"Constantly I am saying, 'What's that? Who? Where?...' and on and on. Things have to be repeated to me over and over. Most times my brain cannot analyze what is going on at any given time."


Rick Phelps, a brave gentleman with early-onset dementia wrote this.   He hopes to give caregivers a glimpse into his world to give them a better understanding of the disease. Thanks for sharing your insight, Rick.


Read more about Rick's experiences and visit his Facebook group Memory People 


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The Power of Remiscense


New memories do not stick for individuals with dementia.  They 'drain' away, as the brain area for storing new memories becomes damaged.  And thought processes are interrupted, as the message 'train' that transports the messages, derails.
Learning a bit more about why a person cannot remember or figure things out, can help with understanding how to help.  One way that can help is reminiscing. 



 Read about the power of reminiscence 


A Dementia-Friendly Community
What would you think if you walked by a restaurant in your community with a sign in the window indicating they were 'dementia aware' and able to help?  It sounds almost too good to be true. 
Bruges, a town in Belgium, offers just this.  And this is not all they have done in their community to support families living with dementia.
Have you done something at your facility or housing unit to be more helpful to those with early memory loss to be more independent? How are you dementia friendly?
We would love to hear from you.  Send your message to
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