JANUARY   2018
Cause and Effect

If you tip a glass full of milk over, the milk will spill over whatever is under it.  It is not a malicious milk conspiracy to spoil your day and ruin whatever is under the glass. It is simply the effect of tipping the glass of milk over.  

No amount of blaming or self-shaming or "shoulding" will alter the run of the milk over the table or counter.  The time we spend absorbed in ruminating about how this happened will allow the milk to run farther and soak into the objects it encounters.  What will alter the current course of events is action to prevent further damage and to put a new cause into effect.  It is a simple example but you can probably chart the current course of events.  The person who tipped the milk will be angry with self or look for someone to blame for the distraction.  The person will fume during the clean-up, stressing about whatever is now milk soaked.  Once the mess is cleaned up, each new activity will bear the imprint of the frustration over the spilled milk.

Most of us are familiar with the phrase, "No use crying over spilled milk."  It is a call for action and initiating a new cause.  Whatever led to the milk being spilled or "Caused" the accident is in the past.  To alter the course of events we must put a new "cause" into effect in our minds.  We must pause and recenter our thoughts.  Take a breath.  "Nothing can disturb the calm peace of my soul" is a helpful affirmation.  This new cause begins a new chain of effects.  You calmly approach the next task.  You have a positive attitude towards others and the outcome of new assignments.  You radiate peace rather than anger and frustration.  Anytime we are not at peace with the effects we see in our life and our world, we are called to initiate a new "cause" in our thoughts and actions to alter the affects we see and experience.  

Be the cause of peace, love and harmony in the world this week!
Rev Joy Wyler-Bradburn
Calendar for this week
Wednesday 1/10/2018
7pm  Book Study: Why Buddhism Is True
Thursday 1/11
7pm  Choir Practice
Friday  1/12

Sat  1/13
Sun 1/14
10am: History Lessons

noon-2pm  Making Peace with the Past Workshop

4:30pm  Iglesia Emmanuel Service*

7pm  CODA meeting*

Monday 1/15
office closed
Tuesday  1/16
7pm: Iglesia Emmanuel Service*

To listen to our White Stone service on January 7, 2018 service click on the link

Dates to Remember:

January 28th: Guest musician Charles Lee
Stay after service to  Celebrate New Horizons 
Say good-bye to Deb Christina as she makes final preparation to head north to the Zarharchuks'  dream home.  
Potluck Details to follow!

February 18th: Annual Meeting,  Soup/Chili fellowship after meeting

Our prayer chaplains continue to pray

Prayer has always been and will continue to be an essential element of the ministry of Unity of Lehigh Valley.  Myrtle Fillmore's healing prayers were the spiritual seeds that Unity sprang from.   Our current prayer team includes Wilma Alvarez, Bev Freeman, Jen Hertwig, TerĂ© O'Malley, Rick Stober, Sandy Stober and Reverend Joy.

Our prayers are taken from the prayer box weekly and held in the energy of the highest and best by our team.  We then forward the prayers to Silent Unity for their energy over the next thirty days.

If you would like the ULV community to join in prayer with you, please note on your request form or send an email to Reverend Joy that you would like your prayer published.  

The activity of prayer opens our hearts to the flow of all that we need and desire.  

Youth and Family Ministry News!!

We welcome David Davies to our team beginning in January and Sandy Stober will join the team  when the Stobers return from California.  Volunteers are meeting Feb 4th.  

We continue with the lessons from a Wonderful World. YFM will be using these lessons through Feb. We are looking forward to having a Sunday in the upcoming months where the kids can brainstorm some ideas for what they want to see and do in the program!  Check out the bulletin board for posters about our lessons and listen at the end of service for the youth summary of what we do each Sunday.  

If you have questions about the program or are interested in joining the YFM team, contact Kari Wyler at kwyler20@gmail.com  

New Member Classes for 2018

If you are interested in becoming an active, voting member of Unity of Lehigh Valley, the next series of classes will begin in January.  

Fill out an Application for Membership and give it to Reverend Joy to begin your process.  Our classes is open to anyone and all 6 are required for membership.  
January 21:       Positive Prayer
February 4:       Prosperity
February 25:     Metaphysical Interpretation
March 4:            Positive Communication
March 18:          Welcome to ULV

If you are interested in membership and this class schedule won't work for you, please talk to Reverend Joy!  

Making Peace With the Past or
Unpacking our emotional baggage
THIS SUNDAY, January 14th, noon to 2pm
Ready to begin a new year with a new approach to forgiveness?  Hoping to lose weight this year and stop carrying all that excess emotional baggage we keep lugging around?  

Join Reverend Joy for this work shop implementing the four step process she introduced in a sermon last year. We will unpack at least one incident in your emotional baggage.  As we learn the tools of the process, you can apply them to other bags you carry.  Begin the year lighter than last year!

We will begin our workshop around noon so grab a bite in fellowship and then join us.  Offered on a love offering basis.  Sign-up on the sheet downstairs or email Reverend Joy if you'd like to attend so we have enough materials for the group.    

Creative Strategic Planning for ULV

The Board of Trustees of Unity of Lehigh Valley is seeking YOUR input.  The Board is looking for how you see ULV in 1-2 years and in 5-10 years.  How do  you envision our spiritual community serving you and the greater Lehigh Valley, now and in the future?

There are blank sheets in the fellowship area that will remain during the month of January for you to write on.  Also, on our website, under the tab for CONNECT , select CONTACT US from the drop down menu.  The form allows you to send a message OR to submit input for strategic planning during the month of January.  To access the form

Strategic Planning input should support our vision: We co-create an awakened world of peace, harmony and abundance.  And our mission: United in love, we provide a positive environment for all people to discover and express their spiritual nature.  


What are you grateful for?


Thank you to our gifted and flexible Music Director, Anthony Young, for his inspirational music last Sunday.  

Thank you to Eva and Alicia Burkhart for volunteering to cover the first Sunday hospitality position!  We appreciate your service.

Every team needs a leader!  We are grateful for all the team leaders who coordinate so many activities at ULV.  Rob Sieger: AV; Eva Burkhart: Board; Anthony Young: Choir; Susan Moll: Decorating; Deb Christina Zaharchuk: Hospitality; Marisa Lenci: Platform Assistants; Karen Esbensen: Ushers; Kari Wyler: YFM

If you are grateful for something at ULV, send a message to the office: unitylv@rcn.com   

Drum Circle with Jo "Bomba" Sieger Saturday, Jan 13, 2pm

Just north of us, Kirkridge offers great opportunities for renewal and spiritual exploration. Bishop John Shelby Spong and Bill Tammeus are scheduled in April with several other spiritual adventures throughout the year.   Check out upcoming programs at their website by CLICKING HERE

Bradbury-Sullivan Center  Classes, Workshops and Support  
Check out the many activities, including a free series of classes on "Queer Art" offered by Liz Bradbury.  Go to their website by CLICKING HERE   The Center is located at 522 W Maple Street in downtown Allentown.  
Unity of Lehigh Valley
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Reverend Joy: revjoy@rcn.com