December 1, 2017 eBrief

ImpactAttorneys sought to make an "Impact "
The BBVLP is speaking to clients of Impact Family Counseling once a month about child support, old municipal fines, and other legal issues. Click here
to learn more about Impact Family Counseling. To volunteer to speak, click here.
BBVLP welcomes new AmeriCorps Members

I ntroducing our AmeriCorps members (left to right): 
Jessica Chang , a recent graduate of Cumberland School of Law,  Memri Williams , a recent Communications graduate of UAB, and  J asmine Fells , a recent graduate of Jones School of Law. 
MarriageClient grateful to be out of marriage to a murderer

This client said Donnie Winnigham (pictured), Bressler, was "great" to help her divorce her husband, who was convicted of manslaughter. "He broke down the process step-by-step," the client said about Donnie. "I really thought the whole process was going to take longer, but he had everything done quickly."
Thank you Domestic Relations Volunteers

Thanks to our Domestic Relations Help Desk volunteers: Justin Fargason and Susan McAlister (pictured), Maura Goodwyn
Melinda Guillaume Leon Johnson John Milledge Pamela Weed, and  Charline Whyte.

Great job Civil Help Desk Volunteers

Thanks to the Civil Help Desk Volunteers: Greg Rhodes , Sirote & Permutt,  Leon Johnson Honza Prchal Heninger Garrison Davis, Emily Vande Lune (pictured), Bressler, and  Donnie Winningham , Bressler.
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