Making an Impact for Oklahoma Kids
March 2016
Hello friends,
This is an exciting time at Rainbow Fleet and I can't wait to tell you about a couple of amazing opportunities that are on the horizon.
Our agency recently learned that we have been named as a finalist for an Impact Oklahoma grant! This amazing organization focuses its giving in five areas; community, family, health/wellness, education and culture. Our grant request is centered around mobilizing our resource center and training child care providers on how to provide a safe sleep environment.
Receiving an Impact Oklahoma grant will dramatically increase our ability to bring hands-on training opportunities and resources to child care providers. This $100,000 grant would provide a tremendous boost to our efforts in this critical area.
The grantees will be announced next month. Wish us luck!
We're also excited to let you know that our agency, in partnership with OU Pediatrics and Smart Start Central Oklahoma, has received a $10,000 grant from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Our goal is to establish a system that helps pediatricians refer patients with developmental delays to Rainbow Fleet and/or Smart Start Central Oklahoma's Home Visitation Program. The program will also include training opportunities to help child care providers identify possible developmental delays and refer those families for assistance. There's more information to come on this great program.
You can see why we're excited. As I said, there are some amazing things happening at Rainbow Fleet!
One of our favorite things to do as a staff is join in community gatherings. Look for us if you get out to this year's Open Streets OKC. Set for April 3, this is a great event that brings families and friends together for a wellness-oriented block party. We hope to see you there.
That's all I have for this month. Thanks for reading.

Carrie Williams
Executive Director

P.S.  Our agency lost a great friend recently with the passing of Mary Clements, a founding board member and long-time supporter of our agency and programs. Her efforts in helping establish Rainbow Fleet and her contributions over the years have helped make our agency what it is today. We thank Ms. Clements for her vision and tireless work on behalf of Oklahoma children, families and child care providers.

March at a Glance
Don't miss out on the  upcoming events
Rainbow Fleet has to offer this month!

How to Create a Safe Sleep Environments for Infants 
March 15  7-9pm

After the Storm
March 24  7-9pm

Embracing Your "True Colors" 
March 29  7-9pm
Helpful Contacts

Caring Van: (405) 316-7216  
Center for Early Childhood Professional Development (CECPD): 1801 North Moore Avenue, Moore, OK 73160  (405) 799-6383
CECPD offers various programs for individuals in the childcare field, some programs offered are R.E.W.A.R.D. Oklahoma, CDA/CCP Advisement, Environmental Rating Scale, ELCCT training, The Leadership Academy, Literacy Programs, Video Lending Library and Oklahoma Registry.
Scholars for Excellence in Child Care
Program Scholars Coordinators:
Oklahoma City Community College,
(South OKC) Bonita Spinner (405) 682-1611
Oklahoma State University OKC, (North OKC) Jeff Rosson (405) 945-9168/1-800-560-4099  
Redlands Community College, (El Reno) Karen Hewitt (405) 422-1286
Rose State College, (Midwest City) Jennifer Bachhofer (405) 733-7449
The Scholars for Excellence in Child Care program will ensure that eligible child care professionals in the state of Oklahoma have an opportunity to further their education while earning a Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential, Certificate of Mastery, Director's Certificate of Completion and/or an associate degree in child development or early childhood education.
Reaching for the STARS (DHS): Central Oklahoma-Jennifer Towell (405) 522-0256
STARS is a program held by the State of Oklahoma, that has been implemented to improve the quality of child care for children.
Warmline offers free telephone consultation to child care providers and families on numerous topics of concern. Consultants refer providers to appropriate services and resources within their communities.

Resource Center Item of the Month
Jumbo pieces make this puzzle big fun. Your kids can learn numbers and more with this brightly-colored floor puzzle. Come check it out in our Resource Center.

Notes from a Nurse
Kristen Millican, RN, BSN
Cleveland County Health Department
Dental caries, also called tooth decay, is the most common chronic disease in U.S. children. It is five times more common than asthma, and by age five, nearly 50% of children have one or more cavities. Many parents assume that cavities in baby teeth are no big deal, because the teeth fall out anyway. However, early tooth decay can lead to future dental problems by affecting the permanent teeth which haven't even erupted. The best way to prevent tooth decay is through the use of fluoride, regular tooth brushing, diet and dental referral. 

Fluoride:  Children under 6 months of age generally do not need fluoride supplements. You can find fluoride in most city water supplies and in some toothpaste. If you live in a nonfluoridated area, your doctor or dentist may prescribe fluoride drops, tablets or vitamins after your baby is 6 months old. To check and see if your city dispenses fluoride, please visit Well water will need to be tested by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to determine the fluoride level. And if you use a water filter at home, rest easy. Most charcoal based water filters will not remove it. 

Tooth brushing:  As soon as your child has a tooth, you should use fluoridated toothpaste to brush it twice a day. There is lots of advice on how to brush the teeth, but the important thing is to clean each tooth thoroughly, top and bottom, inside and out. A smear of toothpaste (the size of a grain of rice) is all that is needed up to age three. After three, a pea sized amount may be used. Parents should dispense the toothpaste so the child does not get too much. They should also assist with brushing until age six to eight or so, and then continue to monitor for correct form. Teach your child to spit out the toothpaste, not to swallow it, and not to rinse. 

Sugar:  Limit sugar intake, especially with "sticky sugar" foods like caramel, toffee, gum and dried fruits like raisins. Brush the teeth well after these foods. In addition, do not allow your child to have any sugar-containing liquid in a sippy cup for a prolonged period.

Find a Dentist:  Both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommend that all children see a pediatric dentist and establish a "dental home" by age one.

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