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With the help of an Individual Development Account matched savings, Nicole is able to pursue her educational dreams

For many low income families, saving for college or to expand a business is extremely difficult. But through a partnership with CASA of Oregon, we are able to offer Individual Development Accounts (IDAs). IDAs are matched savings accounts that help people save at an accelerated pace and develop good financial habits. Participants set a savings goal and make monthly deposits. Once they reach their goal, they receive a $3 match for every $1 they have saved!

Nicole has been participating in the IDA program since April 2017. Her motivation is to provide the best life she can for her two year old son. She is currently pursuing an associate's degree at Portland Community College. This is the first step towards her goal of earning a bachelor's degree and pursuing a career in health care. The IDA program will be a tremendous help with her tuition costs. Her goal is to save $2,000 over two years which will result in a $6,000 match. Having $8,000 to pay for her educational costs will make a big difference. Nicole is so grateful to this program - her educational dreams are becoming possible!

Since 2012, 43 Community Action clients or staff members have participated in the program saving for post-secondary education or to expand a child care business. They have saved a total of $88,809 and received $280,668 in match so far!

This spring, we will be piloting an IDA rental program.  This program will assist families struggling with housing insecurity to save for rental deposit and move-in costs. These initial expenses are often a barrier preventing low income families from getting into stable housing. In the initial pilot year, we hope to assist six families to save enough to move from homelessness into a safe place they can call home. 
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Thursday, October 12th, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
At the Oregon Zoo

Join us at our fundraising lunch to learn how business is leading the way in strengthening Washington County's affordable housing infrastructure.  We will be featuring the work of Roy Kim owner of Central Bethany Development and Sarah Joannides, Director of Social Responsibility at New Seasons Market

We hope that learning more about these two business leaders will spark a solutions focused conversation that will continue well beyond the event. Please join us on October 12! 
For questions, contact Gini Petersen at  or 503.693.3230.




Making services more accessible to those in crisis

Community Action now has staff at the new Hawthorn Walk-in Center for mental health and addictions care making it easier for mental health clients to access our services and programs.  The Center which opened in May is Washington County's first mental health urgent care facility and offers a range of mental health and addiction services including crisis counseling.

We have two Community Resource Advocates working out of the Center. If the mental health counselor determines that the client has resource needs, the client can meet with our on-site Advocates. The Advocates take a holistic approach looking at the client's entire situation. They do a quick intake to determine if the client could benefit from the many services that Community Action offers.  All of this is done in one place and one stop making it easier on clients who are in crisis.

In the first month of operation, 43 Walk-in Center clients have been referred to Community Action programs. Most of these referrals have been for emergency shelter or housing services. 

Thank you Hawthorne Walk-in Clinic for this wonderful partnership that is making it easier for people in crisis to access critical services. Together we are able to provide the right services at the right time empowering people in crisis to find a path towards sta bility.

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