Have you been naughty or nice?
Log sustainable commute trips by Dec. 31st.
Winners announced in January.
Win Gift Cards, Bike Lights, Bus Passes...
  • $100 Grand Prize!
  • Carpool and Vanpool Gas Gift Cards!
  • Lights for Biking and Walking!
  • Bus Pass of Your Choice!
Log your trips on SmartRide to win!

Santa delivered some goodies for commuters who used sustainable transportation this year.

**All SmartRide users who've logged trips Jan 1st - Dec. 31st will be entered automatically!**

If you don't have a SmartRide account, sign up and log your trips at SmartRide.org .
SmartRide Savings for Our Community
Since we launched SmartRide in spring of 2015, we've made huge impacts on the health of our community.
  • 746,000 -- Sustainable Commute Trips
  • 55 Million -- Calories Burned
  • 3,000 Tons -- CO2 Reduced
  • 304,000 Gallons -- Gas Reduced
  • $3.2 Million -- Money Saved by Commuters
May your days be filled with peace, hope,
and joy this holiday season.

The Traffic Solutions Team
P.S. If you haven't seen our new site for commuters and employers, check it out! TrafficSolutions.org . We highlight local businesses, outline Commuter Benefits, and have details on community programs we run year to year. And it links to SmartRide when you want to use our trip planner, carpool matching, or trip logging.
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