Tonight, We're Featuring Florida Wahoo Loins. Check Out Our Assortment of Fresh Fillets including Greek Bronzino for $8.49/lb and Wild Alaska Halibut for $16.99/lb. Want to Try Something Different? Try Pacu Ribs for only $8.95/lb. We Also Have Great Deals on Razor Clams, Nordic Cod, and More.

September 13th- FEATURED ITEM
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Florida Wahoo
"Ono" Loins
Wild Caught

Tonight's Price: $10.95/lb

Golden Tilefish
Fillets:  $11.99/lb
Green "Best Choice" Rating
Lopholatilus chamaeleonticeps
Wild, USA
Bottom Longline Caught
Arctic Char
Whole Fish: $5.99/lb
Fillets: $9.99/lb
Green "Best Choice" Rating
Salvelinus alpinus
Farmed, Iceland
Land Based Flow Through
Rhode Island
Petite Fillets: $5.95/lb
Yellow "Good Alternative" Rating
Lophius americanus
Wild, USA
Bottom Trawl


White Mackerel
Petite Skin On Fillets

Tonight's Price: $7.99/lb

Nordic Flounder
Wild Caught Off Iceland
4 Oz + Fillets

Tonight's Price: $9.99/lb

Razor Clams
From Massachusetts

Tonight's Price: $9.99/lb
Wild Dover Sole
Caught Off Holland
Whole 14-16 Oz Fish

Tonight's Price: $14.99/lb

Wild Alaska 
Skin On Fillets

Tonight's Price: $16.99/lb
Greek Bronzino
Cut from 400-600g Fish
Skin On Fillets

Tonight's Price: $8.49/lb
Fresh Lamb Racks
From Border Springs Farm
Virginia Grass Red Lamb

Tonight's Price: $19.29/lb
Japanese Suzuki
Sashimi Quality
Whole Fish

Tonight's Price: $10.99/lb
Canterbury Cure 
Smoked Salmon
3-4 lb Sides, Always Fresh

Tonight's Price: $16.95/lb
Fresh Skate Wings
Caught Off Rhode Island
Skin Off, Bone In

Tonight's Price: $3.99/lb
Caught from the Grand Banks
Fresh Loins

Tonight's Price: $7.95/lb
Uni Tray
Harvested from Chile
100g Tray

Tonight's Price: $13.99/tray
Nordic Cod
Wild Caught Off Iceland
6 Oz + Fillets

Tonight's Price: $5.99/lb
Pacu Ribs
Excellent for Grilling
15 lb Case

Tonight's Price: $8.95/lb
Caught Off Massachusetts
Skin On Fillets

Tonight's Price: $4.19/lb
Oyster of the Evening
Honey Cup Oysters
From Maryland

Tonight's Price: $0.55/ea
Aunt Connies 
Garlic Shrimp Salad
Homemade 5 lb Unit
Tonight's Price: $49.99/ea
Edible Orchids
Beautiful Presentation
50 Count Pack

Tonight's Price: $7.99/pack
Santa Ines Dried Plums
Imported from Spain
11 lb Case

Tonight's Price: $19.00/cs

Finger Limes
"Citrus Caviar"
1/2 Pint Unit

Tonight's Price: $21.99/ea
Sea Beans
Crisp & Salty
3 lb Unit

Tonight's Price: $10.49/lb
Yuzu Fruit Tray
Japanese Citrus Fruit
Make Your Own Yuzu Juice

Tonight's Price: $5.99/tray

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 Samuels Presents...

Verlasso Salmon Whole Fish
Harmoniously Raised
Monterey Bay "Good Alternative"
8 lb and Up Whole Fish

On Sale for All September: $5.99/lb

Verlasso Salmon Fillets
Sustainable Menu Item
Buttery, Clean Flavor
Premium Cut Skin On Fillets
On Sale for All September: $8.99/lb

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