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XTERRA Wetsuits
Jan 14th Resolution 5K, Travelers Rest, SC
Mary Biebel 29:51 - 1st AG, 9th OA
Jan 21st Race for the Grasshopper 5K, SC
Erica Melton - 31:11 - 1st AG
Jan 21st Greenville News 5K, SC
Mary Biebel  - 29:18 - 5th AG
Manny Cintron with wife Brendaly - 37:34
Nicole with son Addison!
Jan 28th  Be a Fan 5K, Columbia, SC
Kelly Danias - 27:44 - 1st AG

Melinda running strong and wearing Malone Coaching gear! Wearing the gear is always a good way to get your picture in the newsletter!
Who is Racing...
Feb 4th Birmingham 10-miler, AL
Abby Russell
Feb 4th Folly Beach Half Marathon, SC
Nicole Ramsbey
Feb 4th MCG 15K, Columbia, SC
Elisha Byrne
Feb 11th Hilton Head Marathon, SC
Brian Norton
Feb 11th Hilton Head HALF Marathon, SC
Lisa Powell
*Please keep in mind that I do my best to get this correct but sometimes I unintentionally miss someone. Please let me know and I will go back and correct it the next week!

We are a Registered USAT Triathlon Club & a Registered IRONMAN Brand Triathlon Club.
Search for MALONE COACHING any time you register for a race and make your club affiliation known. See the bottom of the newsletter for more information on the IRONMAN brand club.

XTERRA Wetsuits 

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Feb 22nd 6-8 PM at NEXT at 101 Main Street, Greenville.

Save the date for the first in Mountains to Mainstreet's educational series featuring local community experts. Our first night will introduce you to as many of the local health, sports medicine, coaching, nutrition, and training experts as possible so you can build your roster of support as you prepare to Run 5K, Race 13.1 or Tri 72.3 during the M2M Festival weekend in May. Watch for a survey to find out the topics that interest you most and we'll be sure to feature those in upcoming Community Expert nights. 
Our first Community Expert night will feature a panel discussion on endurance and training basics and the following experts have agreed to join our panel:

Kyle Cassas - Orthopedic Sports Medicine Doctor, Steadman Hawkins

Marni Sumbal - Sport Dietitian and Endurance Triathlon Coach, Trimarni Coaching & Nutrition

Scott Kaylor - Physical Therapist, ATI Sports Therapy
Here is who took home the goods from attending ALL the track workouts in JANUARY:

Abby - Xterra light vest!
Becky - Xterra bag & Infinite Nutrition sample!
Kelly D. - Xterra waist belt
Liz - Xterra bag & Infinite Nutrition sample.
Nicole - Xterra waist belt - great for treats for Jax!

Thanks for coming out to play early in the morning! I hope more of you will join us soon!

January, 12th 2017 
Note from Coach

I think that most things we do in life are interconnected. A few weeks ago I took my first real vacation since 2010. It is simply amazing how the time slips away and how easy it is to forget to take a break. I know some of you might think that I have had some great vacations to Ironman races and while I would have to agree that traveling to a race is indeed great, it is NOT vacation! So this vacation really was a true vacation because I was going skiing. It had been over 20 years since I had my feet in downhill ski boots and I was more than a little concerned about this and the fact that a little accident downhill skiing could have very real consequences. To tell you the truth I had so much anxiety about it leading up to the trip that I was having dreams about falling off the mountain! Consciously I did not let myself think about such nonsense but I could not control my subconscience during sleep! I arrived at the small skiing village of Kicking Horse in the Canadian Rockies and was in awe of the beauty. It was simply stunning there but getting out of the gondola at the top of the mountain gave me breath-taking views and a reminder that it was time to test my legs. 

The first trip down the mountain went much better than I anticipated, I remembered how to ski, I was going to be fine so what was all that worry about? The reason why I share this with you is because leading up to your first triathlon or your first Ironman I think the feelings are much the same. Later in the afternoon of the first day Megan and I took a lesson which would challenge us. The visibility was terrible by then so we just had to trust our instructor. I reminded myself to just follow him and allow my body to feel the movements needed based on the terrain. At this point in the day we were in the middle of a really difficult turning drill. Megan was ahead of me so I would wait for her to finish and then I would go. As I waited my turn on the side of the mountain I realized that it was incredibly steep and wondered why we were on this section on our first day, but then it hit me, it did not matter. At that point I needed to follow instructions, ski to the absolute best of my ability and commit to finishing the run. After all what would I have done if I quit? On a ski slope there isn't really any quitting. Once you choose your line you are committed to getting to the bottom. Sometimes in triathlon I feel like athletes get to this same critical point but choose not to listen to their coach and they suddenly find themselves off course and instead of looking at the finish line they want to reach and really committing they simply quit. Being great at anything, especially triathlon, forces you to commit. Commit to doing the training, getting your life organized, cleaning up your eating. Commit to whatever YOU need to do to allow you to reach your goals. Lean on your coach for advice, support, & motivation. 

To finish my little story about following the ski instructor down a challenging slope with low visibility; when we reached the bottom he was very excited and exclaimed "Congratulations you have done your first Black Diamond of the day!"

Coach Katie

Save the date!
Feb 4th -10AM MTB Skills clinic Gateway Park in Travelers Rest (see below)
Feb 11th - 6-8 PM Group Dinner Swamp Rabbit Brewing in Travelers Rest- pizza provided, you buy your brew - HANDING OUT UNIFORMS & T-shirts!
Feb 12th - 4:15 Cycle Bar - Charity Spin for Lucky Pup Rescue  - see below
Feb 14th 5:30 AM Group - Leaves from Caine Halter YMCA front door
Feb 14th - 7:00 AM Group Swim - usually in the warm pool
Feb 22nd - 6-8 PM  Community Expert Night at NEXT on 101 Main St. Greenville (See below)
Feb 23rd - Beanies scheduled to arrive!
Feb 25th - GHS Half Marathon & 5K
Feb 28th 5:30 AM Group - Leaves from Caine Halter YMCA front door
Feb 28th - 7:00 AM Group Swim - usually in the warm pool

*There will be more added to this but I just wanted to start here!
We appreciate our Sponsors!

Without a team of sponsors that believes in what we are doing we would not look nearly as sharp at races! Our sponsors help keep us healthy and on track and looking good! I have a link to all of our sponsors to the left. Please support them any time you can. Here is a little bit about our special team:

SUPERCUTS - has been our sponsor for years so when you need a good hair cut and product check them out in the Greenville area! Mary Biebel, owner,  has been on our team for years and has earned herself the nickname "Podium Girl" since she is almost always on the podium!

EMERALD CITY BIKES - is located in Greenwood, SC but the customer service is worth the drive. Joanna Eubanks is a co-owner with her husband has been a member of our team for years now too. She is an amazing athlete even though she hasn't been racing much in SC over the last few years, she is always one to watch!

FRIGID Cryotherapy - is a new sponsor this year located at 8540 Pelham Rd. Greenville, SC. They specialize in cutting edge recovery techniques like cryotherapy.
Think of it as a very quick and powerful ice bath - except not as painful! They also have a NormaTec Boot lounge. 

Pictures from the CHILL Party on Jan 28th! Thanks so much to Cecily & Courtney for putting this together for us!

Nicole climbing in!

Becky, Chris and Liz enjoy the NormaTec lounge

I will post items for sale weekly. If you wish for me to post something for you please include all the details below and send an e-mail to 

Date posted:
Asking Price:
Contact Info:

Date posted: 2-1-17
Bontrager Aeolus 7
2 years old, only used for races
Includes Shimano 11 Speed Cassette
Located: Charlotte, NC
Asking Price: $950
Contact Info: Michael Vaccaro -

Date posted: 2-1-17
Thule Aeroblade Edge Roof Bars L (Used on a 2013 Pathfinder, adjustable)
And Thule Circuit roof fork bike holder
Located: Charlotte, NC
Asking Price: $275
Contact Info:  Michael Vaccaro -

Date posted: 2-1-17
Item: Hard Case Travel Bike Box
Located: Landrum, SC
Asking Price: $125
Contact Info: Coach Katie

Date posted: 1-12-17
Item: Xterra Speedsuit
Description: XL NEVER WORN
Located: Greenville, SC
Asking Price: $60
Contact Info: Mary Biebel at  
Date posted: 1-12-17
Item: Components from wrecked bike for charity
Shimano 105 shifters -show signs of damage
105 -rd/fd/brakes/cassette (12-26ish)
Ultegra pedals - scuff marks, but bearings feel fine
FSA 50/34 172.5 crank (bb30); spun freely in bike
Fulcrum Quattro front wheel with gp4000 tire and tube

*I can provide more pictures as needed. Keep in mind, all monies from sale will go to the family.

Located: Duncan, SC
Asking Price: $200
Contact Info: Rob Brunken

Meet your team...
Becky Arndt Crecente

Where do you live? I live in Simpsonville, SC.

Where are you from originally? I grew up on a 500 acre dairy farm near Wilton, WI.

Where did you go to school? I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Viterbo University in La Crosse, WI and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Duke University in Durham, NC.  

Profession? I am a Physical Therapist and Sports Certified Specialist at ATI Physical Therapy in Greer, SC

How long have you been doing triathlon? I competed in my first triathlon in August of 2014 at the Lake Lure Sprint. 

How many years with Malone Coaching? 2017 will be my 4th season with Malone Coaching.

Fun Fact about yourself? I played point guard for four years on the Viterbo University women's basketball team. 

Anything else you want to add? In April of 2014, I went to a Leukemia & Lymphoma Society benefit with my now husband, Chris Crecente, and won a silent auction that included a Malone Coaching training package and entry into the 2014 Beach2Battleship 70.3 triathlon. And the rest is history! 

*Coaches Comment: I love Becky's commitment to being the absolute best athlete she can be!

Chris Crecente

Where do you live? I have lived in Simpsonville, SC since 2001.

Where are you from originally? I grew up in the far-off town of Mauldin, SC.

Where did you go to school? I went to the Georgia Institute of
Technology and earned a degree in mechanical engineering.

Profession? I am a software engineer with Benefitfocus, Inc. working
in the health insurance field.

How long have you been doing triathlon? My first triathlon was at
Parris Island in 2011.  I've dabbled in the sport ever since.

How many years with Malone Coaching? 5 years

Fun Fact about yourself? One of my other hobbies is mountaineering,
and I've been fortunate to climb some well known peaks such as Mount
Rainier and the Matterhorn.

Anything else you want to add? I have a talented wife who pushes me to
keep up with her!

*Coaches Comment: I feel very fortunate to have worked with Chris through his marathon PR and some of his Ultras. His racing schedule typically challenges me which I am always up for!


Swim Opportunities!

We will start with our open water swims at some point in April when the water is warm enough. Still plan on every other Monday evening at 6:30 PM. Our open water swims are a WORKOUT! Every athlete that has attended these over the
 years has seen huge improvement in open water swim races. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

For the winter months we will be swimming on Tuesday mornings after the track workout at Caine Halter YMCA around 7AM. On Fridays I will be swimming at the MTY at 7:30 AM. You are welcome to join me for a workout or meet me there afterwards. Just make sure to verify with me if you plan on coming. What I am saying here is there are opportunities for you to work with me at the pool! 

The Endless Pool at my home in Landrum still remains open to you to use as a tool. with mirrors on the bottom and in front of you it is amazing the difference it can make in your swim because it allows you to see what you are doing. Schedule a time to get in and use it with me!

For those of you who need more work on your stroke former Malone Coaching athlete Cheryl Quinn is giving private lessons as well as coaching some Masters Swims! Cheryl has years of experience swimming and was an incredibly strong triathlete. She is kind and compassionate too. Check out her swim coaching Facebook page to learn more about her!

I love working with swimmers of all ability levels, but I get especially excited when I hear they want to improve their swimming for a triathlon. Over the past 2 years, I have become a USMS level 1&2  certified masters coach and  Adult Learn-to-swim instructor. Last year I took the plunge and obtained my USAT level 1 certification in hopes that my swim coaching might segway into working with some triathletes.  I would welcome any opportunity to help your athletes in the pool, whether as private lessons or part of my beginner masters workouts Monday and Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 PM
Monday am 5:30 PM at GHS pool. 
I also teach at the Kroc Center

Please feel free to contact Cheryl directly if you want to set up a lesson with her.
864-982-6022 mobile or
Looking for some ride info and other general bike info? 

We are starting the year off with mountain biking to develop handling skills and work on a nice smooth pedal stroke. Until the end of Feb we will have group rides at least every other week in different locations.

Feb 12 - 4:15 PM Cycle Bar benefit for Lucky Pup Rescue - sign up here! I will be there in spot 37 and the famous Katie Noll will be in spot 38! This is a charity near and dear to my heart so please come out and help them raise some funds!

April 8th - Assault on the Carolinas 9:00 AM - Brevard NC there is a 40K, 60K and 100K ride that goes over Caesar's Head. This ride will fill up quickly so if you want to do it signing up NOW is a must!

June 4th - WNC Flyer 8:00 AM for 100 miler, there is also a 100K, a 50 miler and a 30K. Starts and finishes at Oskar Blues Brewery. This is a GREAT ride for a tri bike but also fills up quickly so if you plan to do this sign up NOW!

TIP OF THE WEEK: If you are using a trainer make sure your bike is secure on the trainer EVERY time before riding. Taking a spill off your bike in the living room is a painful way to learn this lesson so check first! I also like to pump up my tires at least once a week even if the bike is on the trainer!

For those of you looking for some group rides to do here is a good option for Winter Riding. Keep in mind these rides below are NOT beginner friendly! The advertised paces are usually pretty accurate so if you can't hold those please do not attend.

  • Gateway Park

    Center St,  Travelers RestSC  (map)
  • Weather permitting and pump track conditions, I'm going to be doing a MTB bike handling/skills clinic on Saturday, February 4th at 10 am at the Gateway Park pump track. I'll be going over lots of beginner stuff such as:
    General bike fit, shifting and braking techniques (anticipating hills and descents), picking lines, getting over large rocks, logs, bridges, and trail gaps, steep descents and switchback turns, and correct body positioning.
    All of the above will be scaled to ability from somebody who just threw their leg over a bike all the way up to somebody wanting to learn more advanced bike handling skills.
    I will post here on February 3rd (the night before) as to whether or not it will be cancelled or a good to go due to pump track conditions (if it's wet, we don't want to wreck the pump track) or weather conditions.
    It's free of course... 

Group Track Workouts

Currently our group runs leave every other Tuesday from the FRONT DOOR of Caine Halter YMCA at 5:30 AM. The run to the track (Greenville High School) which is 2 miles. Usually we run 2-3 miles at the track and then head back. If you are not to a point where you can run that distance simply meet us at the track. Get there around 5:45 to do a warm-up and then join in the fun. We have different pace groups and I will be happy to advise you who to run with. 

Next group track workouts:
Feb 14th
Feb 28th
*If interest remains and we have a good size group showing up we might be adding additional track workouts.

RACE for a good cause!

Come join us again this year in Running for Amy at the Heart & Sole on April 22 in COLUMBIA to honor Amy Pierson.
Register online by March 17 for the team discount 

Choose Running for Amy, team captain Kelly Danias. Whether you do the 5 mile run, 5 mile walk, or 3 mile walk, I'll pick up all packets for you on Friday before the race. You know we always have a fabulous time!
Please ask your members to   login to their IRONMAN Account and update their TriClub Affiliation by clicking on the " My  Athlete Profile" tab.  If your members need to   create and IRONMAN Account, please be sure they use their  email address. Once their account is verified, they must log in and out for their athlete information to display. After logging in and out, they will be able to select their TriClub Affiliation by clicking on the " My Athlete Profile" tab and entering the name of your club in the drop down menu. Finally, scroll to the bottom of the page and click " save".
Once your athletes are registered as members of your club within our athlete database, any time they race with IRONMAN anywhere in the world they will generate points that will go to your TriClub Ranking. You can check your  TriClub Ranking on
We also invite you and your members to join our  IRONMAN TriClub Connect Facebook group. TriClub Connect is a great way to learn about the IRONMAN TriClub Program, our races, and just connect with other TriClub members.

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