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XTERRA Wetsuits
Jan 1st -  Hair of the Dog 10-miler, Spartanburg, SC
Bob Boyle 1:32

Who is Racing...
As far as I can see no one is racing this weekend...maybe a few next but I will have to update AFTER I finish schedules!

*Please keep in mind that I do my best to get this correct but sometimes I unintentionally miss someone. Please let me know and I will go back and correct it the next week!

We are a Registered USAT Triathlon Club & a Registered IRONMAN Brand Triathlon Club.
Search for MALONE COACHING any time you register for a race and make your club affiliation known. See the bottom of the newsletter for more information on the IRONMAN brand club.

XTERRA Wetsuits  - see your 2017 e-mail for our discount code and SAVE $$$
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January, 12th 2017 
Note from Coach
Light up!

These days there is not enough you can do to make yourself visible to distracted drivers. Blinking lights get attention so even though outfitting your bike with a blinking tail light that works during the DAY might cost you a little cash, it will be worth every penny. Lights are not just for bikes anymore either. There are lots of great new products in a variety of price ranges for runners. If you are running in the dark a headlamp is a must, from something as simple as a Petzel headlamp all the way to the ultra runners high end headlamps.
Here is a link to Nox Gear, the vest that I like the best ( seen above). While it is a little pricey it certainly makes you visible. They also have an option for Fido that I love!

If you don't want to drop that kind of change there is also this option from Xterra wetsuits for
 just $19! I hav
e one that I will be giving away at the end of the month for the track  w or k out challenge.

For the bike I really like the options that   Trek has. I purchased the Bontrager Flare R Tail Light that has multiple different settings for day and night. For the Speed Concept they also have an adapter that you have to buy extra to attach to the seat post.

The moral of the story here is that it doesn't matter what combination you choose, just BE SMART and LIGHT UP! 

Coach Katie

Save the date!
Jan 14th - 9:30 AM MTB Group Ride Pleasant Ridge Park + Brick run
Jan 16th-22nd - FYI - Coach out of town with limited access to e-mail
Jan 23rd - Uniforms arrive and will be distributed
Jan 24th - 5:30 AM Group - Leaves from Caine Halter YMCA front door
Jan 24th - 7:00 AM Group Swim - usually in the warm pool
Jan 28th - 3-5 PM "CHILL" Party at FRIGID (Info under Sponsors)
Jan 30th - T-shirt & Hoody orders BEGIN
Jan 31st - 5:30 AM Group - Leaves from Caine Halter YMCA front door
Jan 31st - 7:00 AM Group Swim - usually in the warm pool
Feb 10th or 11th - Group Dinner in Greenville area - More info to come
Feb 23rd - Beanies scheduled to arrive!

*There will be more added to this but I just wanted to start here!
We appreciate our Sponsors!

Without a team of sponsors that believes in what we are doing we would not look nearly as sharp at races! Our sponsors help keep us healthy and on track and looking good! I have a link to all of our sponsors to the left. Please support them any time you can. Here is a little bit about our special team:

SUPERCUTS - has been our sponsor for years so when you need a good hair cut and product check them out in the Greenville area! Mary Biebel, owner,  has been on our team for years and has earned herself the nickname "Podium Girl" since she is almost always on the podium!

EMERALD CITY BIKES - is located in Greenwood, SC but the customer service is worth the drive. Joanna Eubanks is a co-owner with her husband has been a member of our team for years now too. She is an amazing athlete even though she hasn't been racing much in SC over the last few years, she is always one to watch!

FRIGID Cryotherapy - is a new sponsor this year located at 8540 Pelham Rd. Greenville, SC. They specialize in cutting edge recovery techniques like cryotherapy.
Think of it as a very quick and powerful ice bath - except not as painful! They also have a NormaTec Boot lounge. We will be having a CHILL Party there on Feb 28th. The first 3 Malone Coaching athletes to walk in will "chill" for free! There will be FREE NormaTec boot sessions and some great give-aways so don't miss out on this opportunity. If you want to chill at the party they will have a special of $25 per chill and some pretty awesome package deals just for US!

I will post items for sale weekly. If you wish for me to post something for you please include all the details below and send an e-mail to 

Date posted:
Asking Price:
Contact Info:

Date posted: 1-12-17
Item: Xterra Speedsuit
Description: XL NEVER WORN
Located: Greenville, SC
Asking Price: $60
Contact Info: Mary Biebel at  
Date posted: 1-12-17
Item: Components from wrecked bike for charity
Shimano 105 shifters -show signs of damage
105 -rd/fd/brakes/cassette (12-26ish)
Ultegra pedals - scuff marks, but bearings feel fine
FSA 50/34 172.5 crank (bb30); spun freely in bike
Fulcrum Quattro front wheel with gp4000 tire and tube

*I can provide more pictures as needed. Keep in mind, all monies from sale will go to the family.

Located: Duncan, SC
Asking Price: $200
Contact Info: Rob Brunken

Meet your team...
Beth Mullikin
1. I live in Greenville, SC
2. I grew up in Greensboro, NC but my family now lives in Chapel Hill, NC (fantastic cycling!!)
3. I went to Appalachian State University in Boone, NC
4. I'm a Registered Nurse with GHS.
5. I completed one triathlon each year beginning in 2012. However, in 2016 I became hooked and competed a lot more!
6. 2017 will be my 2nd year with Malone Coaching
7. Fun fact...a month after I met my husband, I went mountain biking with Jami and one of his friends near Brevard. We ended up getting lost and couldn't find our way out until the next day! Needless to say we all got to know each other really well!! 

*Coaches Comment:
Beth is a super hard worker, never complains and just gets the job done! She is signed up for IM Chattanooga this year!

Christy Warren
Where do you live? Greenville, SC
Where are you from originally? Gainesville, Fl
Profession? Recruiter at manufacturing company 
How long have you been doing triathlon? 2 months :)
How many years with Malone Coaching? First year 
Fun Fact about yourself? I used to row competitively for five years then I went on to play roller derby and my name was Chris TNT my number was C4. The last three years I've spent time at a local barn horseback riding. 
Anything else you want to add? I am really excited to cross the finish line of my first race. It's something I never thought I'd be able to do.

*Coaches Comment:
Christy is a natural swimmer! She has an incredibly positive attitude and is simply fun to be around. I am very happy to have her as part of the team this year!

Swim Opportunities!

We will start with our open water swims at some point in April when the water is warm enough. Still plan on every other Monday evening at 6:30 PM. Our open water swims are a WORKOUT! Every athlete that has attended these over the
 years has seen huge improvement in open water swim races. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

For the winter months we will be swimming on Tuesday mornings after the track workout at Caine Halter YMCA around 7AM. On Fridays I will be swimming at the MTY at 7:30 AM. You are welcome to join me for a workout or meet me there afterwards. Just make sure to verify with me if you plan on coming. What I am saying here is there are opportunities for you to work with me at the pool! 

The Endless Pool at my home in Landrum still remains open to you to use as a tool. with mirrors on the bottom and in front of you it is amazing the difference it can make in your swim because it allows you to see what you are doing. Schedule a time to get in and use it with me!

Looking for some ride info and other general bike info? 

We are starting the year off with mountain biking to develop handling skills and work on a nice smooth pedal stroke. Until the end of Feb we will have group rides at least every other week in different locations.

Jan 14th - Pleasant Ridge Park at 9:30AM - it is a 5 mile loop which is easy to moderate. Come join the fun. Brick run afterwards for those who are interested.

April 8th - Assault on the Carolinas 9:00 AM - Brevard NC there is a 40K, 60K and 100K ride that goes over Caesar's Head. This ride will fill up quickly so if you want to do it signing up NOW is a must!

June 4th - WNC Flyer 8:00 AM for 100 miler, there is also a 100K, a 50 miler and a 30K. Starts and finishes at Oskar Blues Brewery. This is a GREAT ride for a tri bike but also fills up quickly so if you plan to do this sign up NOW!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Check your bike cleats! Make sure all the screws are tight and the cleats are in good condition. Cleats typically need to be replaced yearly!

Group Track Workouts

Currently our group runs leave every other Tuesday from the FRONT DOOR of Caine Halter YMCA at 5:30 AM. The run to the track (Greenville High School) which is 2 miles. Usually we run 2-3 miles at the track and then head back. If you are not to a point where you can run that distance simply meet us at the track. Get there around 5:45 to do a warm-up and then join in the fun. We have different pace groups and I will be happy to advise you who to run with. 

Next group track workouts:
Jan 24th
Jan 31st
Feb 14th
Feb 28th
*If interest remains and we have a good size group showing up we might be adding additional track workouts.

Please ask your members to   login to their IRONMAN Account and update their TriClub Affiliation by clicking on the " My  Athlete Profile" tab.  If your members need to   create and IRONMAN Account, please be sure they use their  email address. Once their account is verified, they must log in and out for their athlete information to display. After logging in and out, they will be able to select their TriClub Affiliation by clicking on the " My Athlete Profile" tab and entering the name of your club in the drop down menu. Finally, scroll to the bottom of the page and click " save".
Once your athletes are registered as members of your club within our athlete database, any time they race with IRONMAN anywhere in the world they will generate points that will go to your TriClub Ranking. You can check your  TriClub Ranking on
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