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Issue, August 2015
You, the Id
Self doubt and hesitancy is removed by engaging with others who hold an opposing perspective as long as you are open to 'listening' to how and why they have built there point of view. Adding, rather than subtracting knowledge builds on your own competence. Another tool in your arsenal of solutions given any particular situation you find yourself needing to address.

Family Dynamics
The past 100+ years has seen and identified the family structure in the west in the following way, Family Stages, Family Life Cycle, and Family Development. If you are at a stage of building your own extension, your own family with another, the key component is to 'do' what you desire and not ask for permission as so many child-adults do when venturing off on their own. The definition of an adult is one who thinks of what they want to do, acts upon this thought and is ready, willing and engaged in addressing the results from their actions with the resources they have build. The evolution of a species is tied to their ability to navigate life by their wits.

The entrepreneurial spirit of the immigrant should be revered as they bring the quality, dedication and future think of possibilities back into life. The state laws of Alabama have born witness to the arrogance of those that are comfortable in their lifestyle to believe they can do with out this asset of their own economy.  Read up on how a state ruling caused their own economy to falter, read HB 58.
The spirit of immigrants in America is self evident. We build new economic opportunities out of nothing! Another asset we bring to the economic table is our willingness to wade through the bureaucratic red tape of program paperwork and disclose very private and personal information in order to secure resources that bring employment opportunities and economic wealth in the form of taxes to the coffers of federal, state and municipal authorities....and we have been doing that from day 1.

Life's Perspectives
My mother and father have had many conversations about dealing with the cultural and social challenges of their time. In retrospect they were ahead of theirs. Your current perspective can only help you in as much as you test its validity and are willing to adapt to the messaging you receive from your life experience. Looking back is fine as long as you are willing to  act going forward. We won't get life right. We can create, develop and produce outcomes based upon a collective belief that when we are gone someone else will pick up the courage to take a next step. Can you leave life a little better off than when you were here?

Life Cycles  
Quote Book

Life Cycle 113 Quotes to Guide Your Daily Decisions
by Ronald M. Allen

Our character is but the stamp on our souls of the free choices of good and evil we have made through life.

John C. Geike (1824 - 1906)  


My Thoughts!

Should you find yourself at three o'clock in the morning, when all your socialization, formal education, spiritual teachings amount to naught, then the very next thing you engage in is... You! 


Your Thoughts...


Leader of Change

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela used his humanity so that we could recognize the need to use our innate sense of meaning to do something of value from the life we have been given, no matter what age, condition, circumstance we are currently in

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"After trying out a number of ways to reduce inequalities and failing, I was gradually forced to conclude that the decisive factors were the people, their natural abilities, education and training. Knowledge and the possession of technology were vital for the creation of wealth." Lee Kuan Yew, first prime minister of Singapore.
A Change Methodology
We embrace the person who is named employee because their assets have yet to be realized given the needs of our client. Ignore this fact and you will always get 45 - 60 percent return on your effort and maybe 55% engagement. Perhaps that is why your quarterly earnings are always a concern. The best organizations are always attaining 80+% utilization and engagement from their employees.

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