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Issue, October 5 2015
You, the Id
I was having a conversation with some entrepreneurs about social media and it came into focus that many people and especially those we want to reach are still of the opinion that the news feeds are the most effective tool in one's arsenal from which to gain the attention of the public. The point was then approached, is the public the target market of our efforts. Interesting point. What is I woke up each day and did one hour of market research for issues affecting my target market, showed that I have an approach to begin to address this issues and then sent my message directly to the decision makers who had the where with all to actually buy my services? Would the 'public' who reads the social media feeds possibly be drawn to me...or would I still be 'pushing' content to them. The power of the individual point of view. The poser of identifying your 'buyer market'.
Family Dynamics
In the movie Snowpiercer the earth has experienced a climate freeze from which only a few people who have made it onto a specially engineered train that travels around the world once per year. The inhabitants of this train are subject to a tight regime of who get to live in what part of the trains compartments. The identity of an individual is strictly controlled in order for the unit to perform efficiently. Due to the limited space of their environment no one is permitted to experience or share their abilities that might enrich and or present alternative options to their plight. In fact it is voiced by one of the captured engineers who designed the locking doors that the weather had changed for the better. Are we holding one another captive in our own bid to control the status quo?  At work and in our family dynamics have we forgotten the meaning of family and suffocate one another because of our own limiting beliefs and or abilities?
Evey living organism must go forth and adapt given the climate they dwell in. Life itself demands it otherwise the species dies.
Its Gonna be a Bright, Bright, Bright Bright Sun-Shiny Day! Those are the lyrics written by Jimmy Cliff back in the 80's and how appropriate for the entrepreneur of immigrant decent today into the future. Read on this abbreviated report by my good friends at the IRS.
Understanding The 21st Century Tax Payer

This report iidentifies the trends and opportunities of the immediate future in key social areas, industries and business lines of service we as entrepreneurs can engage in. The demand for these services is what you have to focus on. Not the seemingly 'change' in whatever! Sounding like a 16 year old, anyway. If your business is not growing, expanding and you are seeking an alternative option, this report provides a starting point from which to circle the wagons - an American term - and take a look at what is on the horizon of business development. Good hunting!
Life's Perspectives
I have taken to waking up at 5:00 AM for the past three months and focused on one key activity that has given me momentum to steer my days activities and achieve desired results for the day. Reading is one such activity. Taking a walk or run (exercise) is another. Meditation is an executives and those in the wellness fields mantra for daily balance. Mine is to take my thoughts that come up in the alpha stage of waking and write them down. No evaluation, no subjective classification. Just write them down. Careful thought not to jolt them from your mind nor scare them from mental view. This is an exercise is recording your thoughts as you think through your challenges, your goals and aspirations. What, you don't have any...go back to sleep!

A Fearless Guide to Making Better Decisions  
Quote Book

113 Reasons To Read these Quotes A Fearless Guide to Making Better Decisions
by Ronald M. Allen
Failure is blindness to the strategic element in events; success is readiness for instant action when the opportune moment arrives.
Newell D. Hillis (1858 - 1929)
My Thoughts!
If we are distracted, we will surely miss the day's opportunities. Recognize the subtlety in communications, bodily gestures, and pause of breath, and all manner of facts will present themselves as avenues to be pursued.

Your Thoughts...
Leader of Change
  Alexandre Dumas, père (1802-1870), prolific French playwright, historian, and author is best known today for his novel (first serialised in the magazine Le Siècle), The Three Musketeers (1844).
The following says it all.
"It is by his courage, please observe, by his courage alone, that a gentleman can make his way nowadays. Whoever hesitates for a second perhaps allows the bait to escape which during that exact second fortune held out to him. You are young. You ought to be brave for two reasons: the first is that you are a Gascon, and the second is that you are my son. Never fear quarrels, but seek adventures. I have taught you how to handle a sword; you have thews of iron, a wrist of steel. Fight on all occasions."--Ch. 1 
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Are you getting enough out of your business credit account? 
A Change Methodology
Some city developments, call them urban, rural or industrial revitalization require the inclusion of all stakeholders for a successful and supportive outcome to a project. Their voice in sharing what is going on is critical to all affected by the pending changes in a community. Your employees require this same level of interaction in order to manage themselves and their work expectations. Project Managers, Project Support Staff coordinate the activity while senior executives drive the communications of why the change is needed and what benefits are expected. The supervisor, manager and business unit executives with the hands on face to face relationship with your client facing employee must show an earnest presence of this communication. If you have a bad cog or unwilling component creating miscommunication, then all beats are off. The tools you use to ensure this does not occur are as important as the rules and regulations you have in place that manage the behavior of your employee.

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