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Issue, November 5 2015
You, the Id
How do you communicate effectively among multiple cultures in a single room? Talk about their interest. It will open the door to everything that is important to the job.

I have been working at one of those new retail warehouse environments and it is truly a mind shift in self management and people assimilation. The interesting aspect about it all is that basic etiquette and interpersonal communications still holds true. There must be 30 plus nationalities represented on the floor at any one time and the basic need is honest communication and a need to connect on a personal level, not an 'American' level.

By the by in case you think I am being combative, I have heard, seen and spoken to people from three other environments that ask for the same simple curtesy. Perhaps more production can be realized only if we get off the tread mill of indifference!
Family Dynamics
So I find myself sitting among a young family of five and the husband is trying desperately to calm one of his daughters down while the wife is wrangling the other children. One is a boy about 5 and the second daughter is about 7. It is the youngest daughter about 4 that is disturbing the peace...and my study time for a presentation with a client. 
So the wife, to my surprise asks me what I would do. I look at the husband, almost seeking permission to be accepted into this conversation, only to see a blank steer of, 'go for it', expression.
Carefully, I  interjected. If you permit the youngest to get away with her tirade, the others will get you on the rebound. To which the wife grabbed the child took her into the bathroom and never a word nor sound was uttered for the rest of the trip. Not bad for the village concept of raising a child. 
Try not to listen to all the noise about 'America's immigrant  crisis', the studies show what are the benefits for us all. Republican Main Street Partnership policy paper,  I mmigration of High-Skilled Workers - Making Them Americans Tue, 05/21/2013 

Life's Perspectives
Many people still subscribe to the notion that change is hard and or difficult. Check out some perspectives I have begun to put together and let me know your thoughts.
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A Fearless Guide to Making Better Decisions  
Quote Book

113 Reasons To Read these Quotes A Fearless Guide to Making Better Decisions
by Ronald M. Allen
Science is organized knowledge, and wisdom is organized life.
Immanuel Kant: (1724 - 1804) 
My Thoughts!
Can you draw upon your academic base of knowledge while listening to your inner voice - BALANCE Now!

Your Thoughts...
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Leader of Change
Khertek Amyrbitovna Anchimaa-Toka
(1 January 1912 - 4 November 2008)
Khertek came to office during the second world war.  A peasant farmer with a modest education she applied herself to each task that was presented. Her country known as Tuvan, a region in the Russian territories claimed independence as The Peoples Republic formed many alliances. Once with the Chinese 1911, then declared independence during the Russian revolution 1921 and again due to the   declaration of war on Russia by German 1944. Each challenge required her fortitude to guide her people through traumatic situations one seemly worst than the next.

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Laughing at Change

 The right ATTITUDE is everything.

A Change Methodology
MC Community
 A change initiative must ensure that the desired results are those that are intended. Most importantly those outcomes that cause the individual to deliver for the client/customer. Organizational level for how the process is improved to support the expectations of the client/customer.  The project level a value that can be measured, sustained and must be dynamic to embrace anticipated and unanticipated future needs.
3 phase intergration.
i. Prepare for engagement 
ii. Managing the process
iii. Reinforce the desired behavior for long term adherence
Ronald is an experience 'Change Agent' delivering personal and professional development programs and courses such as Mapping Your Mind 4 Success. He also provides workshops to support customer service and client retention efforts.  With 10+ years as a purveyor of adult training programs, Ronald drives results by ensuring optimum employee adoption, usage and self-instruction long after the training has been implemented. His tools are Change Management methodology, Project Management processes and Organizational Development interventions. 
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