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Issue, January 2016
You, the Id
Your anger is a saving grace or should I say an asset when handled correctly. Remind yourself why you permit the issue to elevate your pulse and then reverse the emotional process. Now look at, feel and think what 'meaning' you gave the issue in allowing yourself to get angry. Managing Anger. 1. You feel good at expressing your distain about the outcome. 2. You did not permit the other person to get away with what ever they were trying to without rebuttal. 3. You now know what you will and will not put up with. In any of these outcomes it is our ability to know out limits. How does the song go...Respect yourself, na. na. na. na.
Family Dynamics
You want to have the quintessential family dynamic and yet that is not how you relate to one another. You want to exit the family cocoon yesterday because the environment is suffocating you. So what is the right combination. Do they honestly feel you can be anything you want to be or do they want you to be what they could not? Family is an unsolicited selection process that you have not choice over until you wake up and decide to direct your own desired relationships. At work we tend to follow the same formate unless you look at your own tendencies and preferred need to direct who you will assimilate. Since we have the ability to make these particular choices the issue becomes what is the lever, (for the grammarians who read this) or driver(s) that cause us to act on our desires. What direction have you chosen? What are your drivers? Where do you want to be in 5 or 10 years from now? Could this long-term view cause you to focus your attention for your own benefit? Are you willing to act?
There are many resources, associations and chambers all focused on supporting and the small to mid-middle market entrepreneur. Yet it is one's passion and determination that ultimately gets you to get through the multiple tests of endurance. Right now there are multiple conferences, seminars and conferences scheduled to kick off the year in the right mind set. Are you part of this investment of time? 
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Life's Perspectives
The Society for Human Resource Management reported that the intellectual capital of senior management and those that have retired could better be used to mentor and coach younger executive entering their initial years as manager to gain them a fast start. So why is this not happening more often? Disney does it. MTS Net, Winnipeg, Manitoba has one for youth. Trapezia,  London, England focuses on women entrepreneurs and some 30  thousand companies globally have set up and established mentor programs focused on specific goals and outcomes...known as deliverables. So the next time you run out of ideas, inspiration, gas (thats petrol where I come from) plug into the source and rejuvenate your possibilities.  Why Mentoring Matters?  A Guide To Mentoring Programs

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My Thoughts!
Before you make an evaluation or determine the situation presented, think through the desired outcomes.

Your Thoughts...
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Leader of Change

Change starts on the individual level so don't be surprised when it is combined with young and small. Look to the 17 young citizens that made up the core members who came up with 8 issues that represented their G8 equivalent. The issue that struct me and why I am placing these creative minds in the newsletter is that their expectations will be paramount
in determing their perspective. What created yours?    C8 Childrens Forum

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Laughing at Change


A Change Methodology
Building Collaborative Working Relationship with the Project Management Team    ( Prosci )

Ultimately, the main goal here is to get that seat at the table as soon as possible. We have seen from the research that it is never too late to apply change management, but results are better if change management is incorporated sooner. Having that seat at the table also means that the project manager sees the change manager (or change management team) as a partner in project success. This is accomplished by connecting change management to results and making it feel "like what we know already." 
For leading organizations pursuing Enterprise Change Management - institutionalizing change management and building organizational capabilities and competencies - the activities, outputs and deliverables of change management are woven into the project delivery process creating a seamless solution that addresses both the people side and technical side of change.  

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Ronald is an experience 'Change Agent' delivering personal and professional development programs and courses such as Mapping Your Mind 4 Success. He also provides workshops to support customer service and client retention efforts.  With 10+ years as a purveyor of adult training programs, Ronald drives results by ensuring optimum employee adoption, usage and self-instruction long after the training has been implemented. His tools are Change Management methodology, Project Management processes and Organizational Development interventions. 
He can be reached at and Cell: 609-247-2799


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