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Issue, September 14, 2015
You, the Id
A manager heard an employee was experiencing a personal issue. Upon delving deeper the manager found the issue was sensitive and potentially explosive. The standard procedure was to relay the employee to EAP for confidential consultation. Instead, he sat with the employee and took the time to hear him out. After their session, the manager wished the employee well and mentioned that their door was always open. The very next day the employee came to the manager's office and thanked them for listening. No escalation, no confrontation in the work place and unique rapport built by the honest engagement of management with employee. A simple yet effective management tool. It's called engagement, one on one.
Family Dynamics
A conflict of values can been readily seen among different groups of people and certainly in the hierarchical structure of business. Given the close proximity of people due to technology and the need to acknowledge the differences among one another in order to bring out the best ideas to any given situation, the term and meaning of family has significantly shifted. Shifted to be more inclusive and not exclusive that produces family type loyalty that is customarily seen among 'blood' related people. What do I mean? Recognize the values of your fellow employees and engage them in a meaningful way and the loyalty of the 'family dynamic' can readily be recognized and hence encouraged. Change management in family and in business requires the same willingness to value that person's point of view and work with, as opposed to reject, their perspective.

If you are from the perspective of rejecting the immigrant that occupies a position you feel you or a close colleague could have filled, take a look at the forces that brought this situation about. Our federal government encourages both highly educated and lonely migrant worker to fill needed positions with incentives brought about by the IRS. Visa type and Immigration status. (You will have to do the heavy reading). The corporations seek to reduce cost and minimize risk brought about by both domestically educated employee and the union faithful by sponsoring the highly educated foreign worker. a. They bypass the associated high administrative cost of managing the domestic employee in this group. b. Corporations reduce the cost of delivering the service or product due to reducing the risks associated with oversight from stakeholders, expenses from associated offerings in long term benefits and c. Engage in international relations that favor their business on a whole other level.
The migrant worker brings low cost, high volume minimal risk of getting the goods and services to market. See my previous article about Alabama.
The market attracts those that dear to seek alternatives and crate a separate path in achieving their dreams. Do you have the courage?

Life's Perspectives
If you had told me we would embrace the German, Japanese and even the Italian people after the second world war, I would have been quite skeptical, even incredulous about the matter. After all that is what we discussed on those long Sunday afternoon hikes across the British moors. Now I know why I enjoy the woods in my back yard so much.
If we are to embrace one another over time is it not TIME to shed the yoke of insecurity and embrace the people of each country and not a party line? If you look at the wars raging around the world right now, the people of those counties want nothing more than to sit down with their family, friends and work colleagues to discuss life. how their children are coming along at school. If they will be able to realize a goal they have been working towards. How to address the ultimate, death of a loved one. If American Express and Walmart can be 'friend-enemies' why can't 'PEOPLE' craft their own relationships and create, develop and build better relations?

Life Cycles  
Quote Book

Life Cycle 113 Quotes to Guide Your Daily Decisions
by Ronald M. Allen
Revolution is not a onetime event.
Audre Lorde (1934 - 1992)

From South Africa to Czechoslovakia, to Egypt, Syria, and Libya, the people can only take so much.

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Leader of Change
The seventeenth century was not an era of drastic changes in the status or conditions of women. Women continued to play a significant, though not acknowledged, role in economic and political structures through their primarily domestic activities. Mary Dyer was hung for repeatedly challenging the Massachusetts law that banished Quakers from the colony. Though their influence was often denigrated, women participated in various community activities.

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Laughing at Change

Military etiquette

Officer: "Soldier, do you have change for a dollar?"
Soldier: "Sure, buddy."
Officer: "That's no way to address an officer! Now let's try it again."
"Do you have change for a dollar?"
Soldier: "No, SIR!"
A Change Methodology
Integrating Change Management with Project Management.
Shared objectives
Proactive steps
Sequencing &
Exchange of

Dimensions of integration.
The employees:
Building the relationship between the project team and the resources allocated to the initiative.
The process:
The process dimension determines when change management begins during the process. Integrating the process involves sequencing and aligning the technical and people activities.
Tools: Identifying the particular tools that include the technical and people side components. i.e. Risk assessments and communications are two such tools.
Applying a common set of steps to blend change management with project management enhances the relationship among all parties. A value added to an integrated project. Care must be taken not to rely on one approach in addressing all initiatives across all industries and lines of business.

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