Get Expert Advice on Managing Postoperative Pain  
Watch ICJR's 4-part webinar series on the evolving landscape in pain management after TJA, now available on demand.

An elite faculty from the disciplines of joint reconstruction and anesthesiology addressed the challenges and unmet needs of perioperative pain management in total joint arthroplasty in a 4-part webinar series sponsored by the International Congress for Joint Reconstruction. Adolph V. Lombardi Jr., MD, FACS, served as moderator for the series.


Recordings of the webinars in the series are available online for those who missed the live broadcasts.  





Webinar 1 - Challenges of Pain Management in Total Joint Arthroplasty

  • Current Concepts in Opioid Use in TJA - Raymond S. Sinatra, MD, PhD
  • Unmet Needs in Perioperative Pain Management for TJA - Adolph V. Lombardi Jr., MD, FACS

Webinar 2 - Moving Beyond Opioid Use in Joint Arthroplasty

  • Role of Multimodal Analgesia in Total Joint Arthroplasty - Girish P. Joshi, MBBS, MD, FFARCS
  • Advances in Local Infiltration in Knee Arthroplasty - John W. Barrington, MD

Webinar 3 - Contemporary Use of Local Anesthetics in Total Joint Arthroplasty

  • Local Infiltration in Shoulders - Jason A. Stein, MD
  • Local Infiltration in Hips - Bryan D. Springer, MD

Webinar 4 - Future Trends in Pain Management of Total Joint Arthroplasty  

  • Meeting the Unmet Needs in Postoperative Pain Management - Roger H. Emerson, Jr., MD
  • Improving Health Outcomes: Implementation of Novel Anesthetic for Postoperative Analgesia after TJA - Brandon Broome, MD 
The webinar series was supported by an educational grant from Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc.