February 15, 2018

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"Future" is Now!

3 Roads' new public television pledge
 program, Ric Edelman's The Truth About Your Future, kicks off nationally in time for March Pledge. The program, available in 90 or 120 minute versions, explores the impact of technology on health, retirement, education and your ability to earn a living. Based on Ric Edelman's NY Times Business bestseller of the same name, the program had a soft launch for December Pledge, garnering 200 broadcasts and hundreds of pledges in top twenty markets nationwide. March distribution kicks off with a prime time broadcast on March 1 at 8:00 PM on WETA here in Washington. 
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Fort Benning Documentary Nears Completion 

We are nearing completion of our sixty-minute documentary about the Centennial of Fort Benning, Georgia. The 4K film, which will have its premier on February 23rd at the National Infantry Museum Theater at Fort Benning, features more than a dozen interviews and hundreds of historical images.  
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Selective Service Videos Complete

3 Roads continues our long and storied history with the Selective Service System with the production of four distinct institutional videos, targeting separate stakeholder audiences. The videos were produced in late Fall, and are now available on the Selective Service web site. This marks the eighth video project that 3 Roads has produced for Selective Service in the past decade.
Where Are They Now?

It's always a pleasure to see former 3 Roads' employees create success on their own. Former 3 Roads staffer Dorothy Blyskal wrote the script for the latest Clint Eastwood movie, "The 15:17 to Paris." Based on the true story of three American soldiers who thwarted a terrorist attack on a train, "The 15:17 to Paris" is in theaters now! 
Amazon Distribution Success

We continue to see success with our distribution through Amazon. In particular, the series Trains of America has garnered an influx in viewership. As a result, we are happy to announce that more episodes are now available to stream on Amazon Prime! To stream, 
Big Announcements on 2 New Shows

Check back next month for two exciting announcements!

About 3 Roads

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